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Anna and Elsa Cake for Renni


Purple Ombre Ruffle Cake

For this cake, I was given one word…


So I ran with it!

Here’s the pretty purple cake I made for a friend’s 5oth birthday:

140523_0005 (1)

Happy Birthday, Sue! May your next 50+ years be just as good, if not better, than the first 50!


Happy Birthday, American Legion


Cooperstown’s American Legion is celebrating their birthday today!


A nice corned beef and cabbage dinner was planned and I was asked to make their dessert. A half & half cake… that is half vanilla/half chocolate cake. This one has buttercream frosting and fondant decorations.

(The smiley face was completely unintentional and was not even noticeable until the picture was taken from this distance. Que Sera, Sera!)

Happy Birthday, American Legion! Thank you all for your service!

60th Anniversary



60th Anniversary cake-vanilla cake, chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, and silver fondant hearts.

Happy Anniversary to the happy couple!

Happy BeeDay, Jaxon!

I have had the privilege of  watching a little baby, named Jaxon, on Monday afternoons.  My girls absolutely adore him and often fight over who gets to push his stroller, hand him his toys, or hold him. Jaxon will be turning 1 in a couple of days, but we won’t see him for a couple weeks… so I made him these cupcakes to take home with him today.

picture357 (2)

Isn’t he cute?

picture358 (2)

With his little bee hive…

picture359 (2)

And a flower.


Sweet display on a plate…


Or even in these clear cupcake boxes!

Happy Birthday, Jaxon!!

Nacho Cupcakes for Super Bowl Party

These cupcakes were not an original idea, but I wanted something easy to serve at a Super Bowl party. I liked how these looked like a food that would be served at a Super Bowl party. Nacho cupcakes:


These were a vanilla cupcake topped with ‘cheese-colored’ vanilla buttercream. The ‘chips’ were flour tortillas that I baked off with cinnamon and sugar. The ‘salsa’ was strawberry jam. The ‘peppers’ were pieces of rolled and chopped flavored Tootsie Rolls. All in all, a fun cupcake for a sporting event party!

Rainbow Swirl Cupcakes





My girls were invited to a joint birthday party for sisters and I was asked to make them some colorful cupcakes. That I did!


This photo was never meant to be mysterious looking. The haze that you see is because my camera was so cold…. and the party was an indoor pool party, so it was extremely hot in there. The difference in air and camera temperature made my lens fog up!

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with rainbow swirl buttercream; each topped with a Gummy Bear! The kids were whistled out of the pool to sing Happy Birthday to the duo and then the line for cupcakes wrapped around the top of the pool! Although they were all rainbow swirl, not one cupcake was like another. The kids were all so excited to choose their cupcake-such a big decision to make! The line went fast, though, and soon the rave reviews were splashing in!

In lieu of gifts, the invitation asked for a donation to the local food bank. There were stacks of food and a total monetary donation of over $700!!! That’s actually worth over $7,000 worth of food for our local food bank (for every dollar given, the food bank can actually purchase 10 dollars worth of food)! Great job, kids!

Happy Birthday, Meagan and Melissa!

Stephanie & Bryan’s Rehearsal Cake

Our friends were getting married and we couldn’t be happier for them! Aside from them being our friends, Stephanie was my daughter’s tap instructor and Bryan used to take care of  our lawn and get tipped in water and cupcakes! He loved when our lawn needed mowing!

I created this cake for their rehearsal dinner. I started with a vanilla cake and added fresh strawberries…

LOTS of strawberries!

Their colors were silver/grey and black, so I piped in a dark grey and put little black gum paste hearts on every corner.

I used black candy coated chocolate balls around the base of the cake. To hint at what was inside, I wanted to put some strawberries on top. In order to prevent the strawberries from weeping on top of the cake (the sugar in the frosting would make the juice start to run), I dipped the strawberries in chocolate and drizzled them with black chocolate.

I got many compliments on the cake the following day at the wedding and reception, so I’d say it was a big hit!


Congratulations to Bryan and Stephanie! We were honored to share in the celebrations of your special day!

A Wedding in Nature

I have always loved being outdoors. Growing up, I looked forward to camping with my family. I liked hiking and camping in the woods with my friends. Loved working at a summer camp-having campfires… and cooking over the open fire… and participating in the beautiful harmonious songs… and s’mores!!

Being in the woods and camping are awesome enough… but how about adding getting married at the base of a waterfall? That’s what one couple did this weekend. Here is the tree stump wedding cake I made for the happy campers:

4 thick alternating layers of vanilla and chocolate cake, coated with vanilla buttercream, covered in marshmallow fondant, topped with chocolate frosting ‘bark’, and decorated with random gum paste butterflies.

The end result was over 8 inches high!

Congratulations Michael + Michele!

Paisley-fied Graduation Cake

This graduation cake was not your traditional sheet cake with the school colors and buttercream roses. Instead of the regular school colors (orange and black), I used the graduate’s favorite colors: coral and a light aqua. When I created these colors, I thought of paisley (don’t ask me why-I don’t know how my mind works or why it works the way it does… it just happens and I run with it!). I made two half sheet cakes (one chocolate and one vanilla) and put them side by side on my brand new, home-made, 22″ x 28″ cake board (Thank you to carpenter Glen Falk for my beautiful new cake board!!). I also made a 9″ x 13″ cake that I placed on top. I piped triple shell borders around the bottom of each tier and then Paisley-fied (piped buttercream paisley patterns on) each of the 8 corners with the coral and aqua and then added the family’s message in the center. Here’s the final paisley-fied cake!:

Congratulations Lydia! Good luck at Fredonia! 

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