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Who Doesn’t Like Peanut Butter?

Ahhh, Fall is officially here! It’s my favorite time of year! The crisp air, long sleeves, hoodies, apple picking (and thus apple pies, sauce, etc), and of course… the beautiful leaves!

(This tree is having an inner struggle. Does it embrace the Fall and show its true colors?… Or does it hang onto Summer, and its green, with all of it’s mite?)

Fall means Cooperstown’s Annual Pumpkinfest! Growers bring their giant pumpkins to Doubleday Field Parking Lot for a weigh in! We wander around, visit the vendors, and take our annual picture with the giant pumpkins. These giant pumpkins are sometimes over 1,000 pounds!!

As the years go on and the girls get taller, the pumpkins look less impressive on film; but believe me, they are still giant!

I think the four of us could fit inside this pumpkin!

The festival is a fun time-especially the pumpkin regatta! They hollow out some of the smaller giant pumpkins and they actually row them like a canoe! They race on Otsego Lake as onlookers watch from the docks and bleachers at Lakefront Park. (Uncle Matt is in the white pumpkin rowing for the National Baseball Hall of Fame a few years back)

This festival brings lots of people to town with all the pumpkin-related crafts, games, food, and the like… But MY favorite part, of the edible kind… sorry pumpkin…is the PEANUT BUTTER!! Who doesn’t like peanut butter?!!?

One of my favorite vendors is The Peanut Principle! He sells the most amazing peanut butters. We’ve tried them all-from Raisin’ The Roof (a cinnamon raisin peanut butter) to I Want S’more (a S’more flavored peanut butter)… but we have two ultimate favorites! One is Honey I got the Peanuts (a honey roasted peanut butter).

And the other is Jungle A Peel (a banana peanut butter-This would have been Elvis’s favorite, for sure!)!

These peanut butters are so good! We look forward to the Pumpkinfest every year…IF  for no  other reason, then to stock up on the yummy peanut butter!

If you would like to find out how to order some of your own, here’s The Peanut Principle’s card:


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