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Anna and Elsa Cake for Renni


Frozen Treat Fake-Out

Are you dieting? Or even just trying to make healthier food choices? Here’s a frozen treat fake-out that can be swapped for ice cream, sorbet, Italian ice, or fro-yo! 

If you love frozen treats and the tang of cranberries, then this frozen treat will fake-out your taste buds and make them think you are eating something naughty. 

To make it, I threw whole cranberries, cubed apples, and orange chunks (without peels) into a food processor with a little lemon juice. I made this one a bit chunky, but you can puree it as fine as you’d like. I didn’t add any sweetener to mine, as I like it a bit tart. You could add honey, or apple sauce if you feel you need to cut the tartness. 

When it reaches your desired consistency, freeze in an air-tight container. Once frozen, scoop with an ice cream scoop into your serving dish and enjoy!

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