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Making Cheese: First Attempt Under Whey!



On a family outing the other day, my husband saw this kit to make your own cheese. We weren’t sure if it would work, but we got it anyway and figured we would give it a shot. The booklet claimed we could make a batch of mozzarella in 30 minutes… I’m sure it was just my being unfamiliar with the directions (as I had to keep stopping to re-read them and make sure I was doing things right), but I have to admit that my first attempt did take more than a half hour. The book was right about one thing… you only needed a gallon of whole milk to get the process going. The kit contained the citric acid and rennet tablets (as well as cheese salt) that we needed, so it was much more cost-effective than searching for them online and having them shipped to us (we live 1 1/2 hours away from the nearest store that sells cheese making supplies).

The first attempt was under whey… (yeah, I know… cheesy joke… and yet another… but I’m tired and tend to get like that with a lack of sleep! lol):

At first, it seemed like it was a bust. The ‘curds’ looked like ricotta, not cheese curds! However, I heated it up a little, and drained it a lot, and it began holding its shape. I kept draining and heating until I was able to pull and stretch it.



It would have been even smoother, had I not had to keep stopping to read the directions. The cheese cooled quickly to the non-stretchable temperature, so that’s where the little tiny bumps came in. Now that I know what I’m doing, I’ll work without stopping to read next time and I’ll be quicker.

The end result: a totally awesome and completely fresh mozzarella that tasted perfect! Such a soft and creamy texture and great wholesome flavor without all the added salt like the cheeses at the stores!

The big question is: Will it make it into a recipe… or be gone before it gets that chance?!!?


10 Awesome Things About Autumn

  1. Foliage  Seeing the pretty trees as they change colors, watching the warm hues swirl down like a light rain from the trees, and raking the crispy leaves up to jump in!
  2. Apple Picking  Which includes eating the apples, baking with the apples, dehydrating the apples, making applesauce, and juicing the apples!
  3. Corn Mazes  Wearing rain boots, running through the corn field, getting lost and found again, and finally making your way to the end… and back!
  4. Nature Hikes  Walking through the woods, listening to the rush of the water over the falls, watching the squirrels race around to gather their food for the winter, and seeing the joy on the faces of these sweet girls as they take it all in!
  5. Fleece and Hoodies  So warm and soft… need I say more?!!?
  6. Butternut Squash  Yet another one of my comfort foods….Roasted, Soup, Chili… no matter how you cook it up, it’s bound to warm you through!
  7. Pumpkins  Whether left as is for decoration, carved for decoration, baked in cookies and pies, roasted for soups or seeds, or even carving for use as a canoe!
  8.  Hay Rides  I know I have a picture or two of some hay rides, but for some reason, all I could find is one of my daughter behind the wheel of a giant tractor! Well, tractors can pull the wagons for a hay ride-right? lol
  9. Fall Festivals  Applefest, Pumpkinfest, Garlicfest… So much fun to be had!
  10. The Smells of Autumn  This photo happens to be my baking helper making some cookies, but baking cookies is only one smell of Autumn. There are pies, cakes, breads, and the like… as well as the crisp Fall air!


What are your favorite things about Fall?

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