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🍎Apple Crisp Cookies

The same great taste of apple crisp in an easily portable, mess-free cookie!

🍎Apple Crisp Cookies 🍎


1/2 cup (1 stick) butter at room temperature. 

1 cup brown sugar

1 teaspoon cinnamon

2 Tablespoons yogurt (I used salted caramel Greek yogurt)

1/4 cup apple cider

1 large apple (I used Spygold)

1 cup flour

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon baking powder 

2 cups oats


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. 
  2. Peel, core, and small dice the apple. Place apple pieces on a microwave-safe plate and cook for 2 minutes to soften apples. Let cool. 
  3. In a medium bowl, cream the butter and brown sugar. 
  4. Stir in the cooled apple, the yogurt, and the apple cider. 
  5. Add the flour, cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, and oats and combine. 
  6. Drop by scoop or teaspoonful onto a baking sheet (I line mine with parchment paper first). 
  7. Bake for 8-10minutes. Allow to cool on the baking sheet for 2 minutes and then transfer to a wire rack to finish cooling. 
  8. Store cooled cookies in an airtight storage bag or container. These cookies freeze well. 

🍎🍎🍎🍎Happy Fall!🍎🍎🍎🍎


Golf Gathering

Teddy Trossett tees off as family and friends gather in support. Some cupcakes and cookies I made for the gathering. 

Chocolate Truffle-filled white chocolate golf balls on chocolate or vanilla cupcakes with piped buttercream grass. 

Cookie platters: Lemon Poppyseed, Coconut, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal, and Sugar. 

Who says you can’t use Christmas cookie cutters year round?


What do you see when you look at this cookie cutter? A Santa face complete with hat? Sure. Most people can see that… but Angie ( ) saw something else. Something really cute! Let me turn it on it’s side and see if you can guess…


Do you see it now? …………..No?


How about now? With my daughter doing a report on whales, we thought this was the perfect valentine for her to take in! And Angie even provided the PDF for the cards! Thanks, Angie! The cookie cutter I found, had a pointy Santa beard; but I am lucky enough to have a tin knocker for a dad! He was able to reshape the cookie cutter a little (so that the whale’s face was rounded and I didn’t have to cut off and move the top ‘brim’ of the hat to form the spray); but if you aren’t so lucky, you can follow the instructions on Angie’s website .

Unfortunately, our school had a snow day today and are off for Winter Break all next week…. so in the freezer they go! Hoping to thaw these 4 dozen cookies the day before school begins again-without the Royal Icing becoming a disaster! Cross your fingers!

Primary Color Swirl Cookies


An old friend, made new again by social media (love it!), requested some cookies for her kids to take to school.



These brightly colored sugar cookies are really fun to make… and to eat! They will surely go over big with the twins and their classmates when celebrating summer birthdays at school!


And just to show how no two people are exactly alike, even twins, no two cookies are the same!


They are each original…right down to the core!

Happy Birthday to Elizabeth and Jacob!

Rainbow Cookie Pops


40 individually wrapped rainbow sugar cookie pops, boxed in clear goodie boxes, shipped to VA!



Thank you to all the teachers out there for all that you do! You are not only appreciated during Teacher Appreciation Week, but always!


Surprised on Honeymoon Getaway!

I am not a big fan of coffee-even the smell of it makes me nauseous-and the caffeine gives me a headache… However, I do agree that coffee can enhance the flavor of chocolate (like in my chocolate brownies, etc)! You don’t really taste the coffee, just the enhanced chocolate! Yumm!

So, when I was asked to create a surprise basket for a bride and groom for their honeymoon getaway to Cooperstown, NY… and was told that there could be no dairy, I thought coffee would be the perfect substitute for milk in these chocolate cookies. It was a nice flavor and when I topped it off with a chocolate almond frosting, it was pretty tasty! What I had forgotten was that I normally use a decaf coffee whenever I make my chocolate brownies, etc…. I had one of these little cookies and MAN!… I was feeling loopy from the caffeine! Mind you, I don’t consume caffeine in any form (except for chocolate!). Plus the fact that I probably hadn’t eaten anything that day, prior to that cookie! Guess I know what to send my kids in their college care packages some day for those long nights of studying! lol.

I made some chocolate cake pops-some round dipped in an orange white chocolate and drizzled in red-orange white chocolate, and some maple leaf-shaped dipped in red-orange white chocolate. (Sorry, no individual photo was taken)

Next, I decided to chop up some apples…

Roll out some pie dough…

And make some apple pie pops! Yup, those are mini apple pies… on lollipop sticks! How cute is that?!!?

The end result was a nice basket of chocolate coffee cookies with chocolate almond frosting, chocolate cake pops (in both round and leaf shape), apple pie pops, tickets to the Wax Museum, and tickets to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. With a little help from our friends at Lake N Pines Motel, the newlyweds found this basket in their room when they arrived:


Congratulations to the happy couple!

Overcoming Boredom-MY Way!

Morgan’s turn at overcoming boredom-MY way…. by baking!

Being a little younger than her sister, Morgan can’t exactly read the recipe and can’t quite be trusted to measure ingredients completely on her own… so she had a little help with her cookies.

Oatmeal Craisin Cookies! This recipe doesn’t call for eggs though. Instead, we used a little vanilla yogurt. We even added some ground flax-seed meal just for good measure. lol. The recipe may not call for eggs, but it does call for juice. Did we have juice? Not one drop! So, what did we use?….

A non-alcoholic Margarita Mixer! lol.

Morgan made some of the best Cranberry-Lime Oatmeal Cookies!

Maya’s Peanut Buttery Chocolate Chip Cookies

How do I answer the kids when they say “I’m bored!”? By letting them bake! After all, it’s a math lesson, science lesson, special time together… and let’s not forget that we get to taste what we create!! It sometimes makes me wish they were bored more often!

This time, Maya made chocolate chip cookie dough…

Added Reece’s Pieces

Added miniature Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups

Mixed it all up

and stopped to pose for a picture!

They ended up being pretty yummy. Great job, Maya!

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