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Simply Nautical

Simply Nautical.


The bride wanted a simple cake with a touch of a nautical theme (the rope knot) and their color was navy.

5 tiers of white chocolate cake with raspberry filling and blue velvet with cream cheese filling, all with vanilla buttercream and covered in vanilla marshmallow fondant. This was probably the heaviest cake I have ever made! The bottom tier alone weighed more than the average 3 tier cake. I had to call upon help when it came time to deliver it (Thank you, Andrew!).

And as a surprise for the groom, the bride wanted a small cake to display some of his interests… like golfing, cigars, Fireball Whiskey, boating, and Chihuahuas. I have to say that I really didn’t think I could pull that one off. None of these things really went together… or did they! Thanks to my talented sister, Brandy, who dreamed up the idea to tie them all together, this little guy was born!


A Chihuahua adorned with a golf cap (complete with a dimpled golf ball for the pompom), holding a shot glass of Fireball Whiskey in one paw, and a cigar in the other, while floating in the water on a life preserver! And to ‘tie’ it together with the wedding cake, I bordered it with a rope and the same knot!


Congratulations to Brittany and Daniel!

~September 6, 2014~


Blue Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet is a very popular cake request. At first, I was not exactly sure why. The first time I made a recipe for Red Velvet cake, it was so oily that I couldn’t stand it. That’s all I tasted, all I felt. I couldn’t understand WHY anyone would like it. The slight chocolate flavor was overpowered by the almost soggy texture and the taste of oil. I decided that maybe that was just a poor recipe, as how could so many people love a cake that tasted like that? You could practically squish it and drip oil! I went on the hunt, testing one Red Velvet recipe after another. Guess what, folks? They are not all the same! Several were, but there were some that weren’t so soggy; and one that really stood out and ‘took the cake’, so to speak! Personally, I still wouldn’t say it’s my favorite; but I think the combination of the moist cake and the cream cheese icing is a big hit. The contrasting colors between the red and the white are pretty, too.

But what if you are allergic to red dye? Can you never taste that moist cake and cream cheese icing that everyone around you raves about? Ahhh, but you CAN! You COULD leave out the dye completely, and you would have a very light brown cake (from the tiny bit of cocoa you add)… OR… to make it more exciting, you could just add a different color that doesn’t contain red! Like BLUE, for instance! I made some Blue Velvet cupcakes for a friend and her family because her daughter (who is now all grown up and out of college) had never had Red Velvet cake before! I created these deep blue cupcakes with a white cream cheese buttercream icing (and even filled them with the cream cheese icing). Velvet cake may not be my ultimate favorite… but ya know what? Call me crazy, but I think the blue color just might make it taste even better than the red!


Sadly, I did NOT snap a picture of my blue velvet cupcakes… but they looked just like this one from:

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