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Anna and Elsa Cake for Renni


Boston Terrier Birthday


I was honored to make this very special 40th birthday cake for my friend, Mike. I had free creative license with this one; although it didn’t take me long to figure out what I was going to do. You see, this friend is a math teacher, with a young family… and also the singer in an 80s cover band (Flux Capacitor sings in full 80s dress-clothes, hair, eye-liner, and all)! I love singing and dancing along whenever they play; but I also love math! I knew I wanted to incorporate both into this cake-especially after seeing this split picture of him:


So, here is what I came up with:



Vanilla cake with raspberry filling, vanilla buttercream, and fondant coated. The Super Pi symbol on top represents the mathematical side of Mike, the little notebook papers around the base (that describe the many ways that Mike is super), represent the teacher side, the wave boarder represents the family man side (family vacations on the beach), and of course, the figure in front represents Mike’s rocker side.




Happy Birthday, Mike!


Sail Away!

“Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me”

I made these cute sail boat cupcakes for a little guy’s 2nd birthday!


The blue camo cupcake wrappers worked perfectly with the frosting waves and gum paste sail boats.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Man!

Moster High Cake for Piper!

What does a little girl who is turning nine like? Well, in the case of Miss Piper, it’s Monsters High! She has all the Monsters High dolls and her mom ordered her a Monsters High cake for her slumber party. Gum paste was cut out and dried and then hand painted to go on top of the plaid cake.


And how ironic is it that I blew out my piping bag while piping the border for this Monster High cake for PIPER ? lol. I was trying to hold pressure on the piping bag with one hand to hold the frosting in, while squeezing it out with the other to pipe it onto the cake! I had quite the mess, but luckily it didn’t end up on the cake.

Looks like Piper really liked her cake!


(Photo courtesy of Piper’s mom)


Happy Birthday, Piper!

Red Velvet and Yankees Blue


A seemingly giddy man called to order a birthday cake to surprise his wife with. He had never done that sort of thing before and just thought it would be a great idea, since she loved the cake I made for their friends’ wedding. She had raved about the moist red velvet cake with cream cheese filling. Since he was “new to this” (lol), he didn’t know what size, shape, colors… to ask for; but with some guidance, he placed an order. One of my guidance questions was “What is your wife’s favorite color?” He instantly replied “Blue.” Because there is a very large range of hues for every color, I asked him “What kind of blue… like a baby blue… or a darker blue…?” He really didn’t know what to say about that, so I asked again (this time in a way I thought a man would  better relate to) “Like North Carolina Blue…. or Duke Blue…?” That did the trick! lol. “Definitely not a baby blue.” Okay, so I went one step darker than Duke Blue… for good measure…this one is more of a Yankees Blue! I hope Lisa enjoyed her cake as much as Scott enjoyed surprising her!

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Primary Color Swirl Cookies


An old friend, made new again by social media (love it!), requested some cookies for her kids to take to school.



These brightly colored sugar cookies are really fun to make… and to eat! They will surely go over big with the twins and their classmates when celebrating summer birthdays at school!


And just to show how no two people are exactly alike, even twins, no two cookies are the same!


They are each original…right down to the core!

Happy Birthday to Elizabeth and Jacob!

Happy BeeDay, Jaxon!

I have had the privilege of  watching a little baby, named Jaxon, on Monday afternoons.  My girls absolutely adore him and often fight over who gets to push his stroller, hand him his toys, or hold him. Jaxon will be turning 1 in a couple of days, but we won’t see him for a couple weeks… so I made him these cupcakes to take home with him today.

picture357 (2)

Isn’t he cute?

picture358 (2)

With his little bee hive…

picture359 (2)

And a flower.


Sweet display on a plate…


Or even in these clear cupcake boxes!

Happy Birthday, Jaxon!!

Cake Among Cousins

Growing up, I didn’t know my father’s mother’s family. I didn’t even know my grandmother’s maiden name until I was probably in high school. This family had moved into our school district and told us they were related to us. No way! We didn’t know them, how could they be related to us? That’s when I finally realized what my grandmother’s maiden name was; and that yes, in fact, this family was related to us. However, I didn’t know that there were others out there. It wasn’t until the last couple of years that I started to research my ancestry. I began reaching out to family members that I knew were ‘out there’ but never knew growing up. I had asked about my grandmother’s family and was told to get in touch with a particular woman who would be able to introduce me to family members. I did, and I’m so glad I did! I learned that there are so many cousins out there; quite a few of which live fairly near to me. Facebook has been a great tool for me to begin to get to know all these new found cousins of mine.

One of my cousins asked me to make a cake for her daughter who was turning 15. She told me that she liked the color orange, that she was into singing, dancing, and enjoyed playing keyboard, saxophone, and clarinet, too. The design was left up to me, and this is what I came up with!:






It was great to finally meet a few of my cousins in person today and I can’t wait for the next time we can get together!

Happy Birthday, Miranda!

Heinekin and Hennessey Cake

I don’t drink alcohol that often and I really dislike beer and won’t do shots. So… if someone asked me to do Heineken with a double shot of Hennessey? Not gonna happen!… However, if they asked me to CREATE a Heineken bottle and Hennessey label out of sugar? Absolutely!!


Hand painted ‘bottle’ of Heineken, banners, and Hennessey label.

Happy Birthday, Nick!

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