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🍎Autumn = Apples🍎

I have said it before, but I will say it again-I love Fall! The crisp morning air, the changing of the leaves, hoodies and scarves, and of course apple picking! And what comes with apple picking? Aside from the family FUN tradition of picking apples together, comes the family YUM tradition of 🍎pies, 🍎crisps, 🍎bars, 🍎sauce, 🍎 chips, 🍎 Ooey Gooey Butter Cake, 🍎breads, 🍎sauce cookies.. all things apple! 

🍎🍏 Windy Hill Orchards 🍏🍎

My first 🍎 creation of the season is this twist on apple crisp! 

I used my tart pan for this delicious treat. I made up a cake mix from scratch (minus the wet ingredients), added some melted butter and pressed it into my pan. After baking it for about 5-7 minutes, I layered in my thinly sliced apples. A little drizzle of caramel sauce and a cinnamon oat crumb topping, and it was off to the oven to finish baking. The hardest part was waiting for it to cool (I don’t care for hot apples)!


All Things Apple

Fall is here… that means apple picking at Windy Hill Orchards.


IMG_3448 IMG_3447

We picked a few…bushels! (Actually, our total was almost 5 bushels!)


Apple picking means All Things Apple!


Plenty of fresh apples to eat.


Lots of apple pie fillings to freeze.


Dried apple chips.


Caramel apples!


IMG_3518 IMG_3514 IMG_3517 IMG_3525

Apples bring smiles : )

More things apple to come, for sure-as I have only just begun!

Apples n Such!

130915_0002 Yup, this is how we roll. out in the country. at apple pickin’ time! A’chewin’ on Timothy and pickin’ apples from a bucket tractor. lol


This time of year, you walk into my house and smell apples and cinnamon!  Baking is a perfect solution for the dropping temperatures here in the Northeast! It’s a bit too soon to turn the heat on… yet there are days that are too cold to go without some kind of heat. Why not have dual function? I create a warm kitchen by baking/making apple pies, apple crisp, apple cookies, applesauce, apple sauce cake, applesauce cookies, apple muffins…you name it!


Thanks to my grandma’s chinois, along with its wooden pestle, some cinnamon applesauce was made and canned!

Who knows what this is?

Does anyone know what this tool is used for?

Here’s your first clue!

2nd Clue! Do you know what it is now ?

This should give it away for sure!

Making applesauce!

Well, at least that’s one of its many uses!

A tiny bit of sugar and a healthy dose of cinnamon and we had some awesome applesauce!

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