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Simply Nautical

Simply Nautical.


The bride wanted a simple cake with a touch of a nautical theme (the rope knot) and their color was navy.

5 tiers of white chocolate cake with raspberry filling and blue velvet with cream cheese filling, all with vanilla buttercream and covered in vanilla marshmallow fondant. This was probably the heaviest cake I have ever made! The bottom tier alone weighed more than the average 3 tier cake. I had to call upon help when it came time to deliver it (Thank you, Andrew!).

And as a surprise for the groom, the bride wanted a small cake to display some of his interests… like golfing, cigars, Fireball Whiskey, boating, and Chihuahuas. I have to say that I really didn’t think I could pull that one off. None of these things really went together… or did they! Thanks to my talented sister, Brandy, who dreamed up the idea to tie them all together, this little guy was born!


A Chihuahua adorned with a golf cap (complete with a dimpled golf ball for the pompom), holding a shot glass of Fireball Whiskey in one paw, and a cigar in the other, while floating in the water on a life preserver! And to ‘tie’ it together with the wedding cake, I bordered it with a rope and the same knot!


Congratulations to Brittany and Daniel!

~September 6, 2014~


Lace Wedding Cake


I was happy to be able to make this cake for today’s beautiful wedding, and I was honored to be able to stay and take photos throughout the day! The setting was amazing-a luxury ranch just a few minutes from my home that I never even knew existed! The sun was shining and it was balmy (okay, maybe not balmy, but compared to the double-digit negative temps we have had lately, today felt like a heat wave!).


The snow-covered drive lead me to a big ranch overlooking the mountainside. Everything about this ranch was grand-from the fields and fencing, to the entrance, to the woodwork, to the heated floors, to the fireplaces, to the tub so big you could swim in it, to the glass floor overlooking the indoor pool, to the warm and friendly staff that hosted the event and put out such a great brunch for us all to feast on! (As if you couldn’t tell, I highly recommend the B & B Ranch!).


I got to sneak into the master suite as they were getting ready for the ceremony. The kids were learning to play chess, while the adults were primping and making sure everything was in order. And it was… so maybe there were a few things forgotten, but that wasn’t going to put a damper on such a great day.

As this friend from my childhood stood there exchanging vows with the love of her life, I saw such happiness, such love, and I couldn’t help but get choked up! It was absolutely beautiful. And the fact that they included their sons in the ceremony made it just that much more heartwarming. It may have been a very intimate wedding with just a few guests, but it was one of the most heart-felt and sincere that I have been to in a long time.


Congratulations to Aileen and Crystal!

*About the cake… I was asked to make two tiers-one vanilla with strawberry filling and one carrot with cream cheese filling and I was told that their colors were eggplant and dark orange. I frosted both tiers with buttercream and covered with marshmallow fondant. I piped the eggplant colored ‘lace’ on the fondant and topped it with some dark orange fondant roses. The design was left completely up to me-I had always wanted to pipe some lace, but I had no idea that the wedding dress would be lace, too!

Yankees Wedding Cake

This post should have happened back in July; but I wanted to save it for a landmark because it was a special cake for two special people.

On July 4th, 2013, my cousin married the man of her dreams, so of course I was honored to be able to make their wedding cake for them! They asked for a New York Yankees cake! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Yyyyyankees caaaake!! What better way to celebrate my 200th post than with this 4th of July Yankees wedding cake?!!?


Vanilla and chocolate tiers, covered in fondant and hand painted gum paste Yankees symbols. The top hat was done in Rice Krispies treat and covered in fondant. The little white dog with his own top hat represents the bride’s dog Gizmo, as he wasn’t able to be at the wedding, I had to make sure he was included in some way!

I also made some cream puffs at the request of the groom; but I never got a picture of them. The ‘house’ in the background of this photo was the card box. My mom made the card box as a miniature replica of the new home the bride and groom purchased. Attention to detail runs in the family!


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Berberick! May your love for each other grow with each passing day!

Big Bloom Wedding Cake



Vanilla bottom tier with vanilla buttercream and marshmallow fondant, Chocolate middle tier with vanilla buttercream and marshmallow fondant, and Vanilla and Chocolate top tier with vanilla buttercream and marshmallow fondant. All made from scratch, of course. Ribbon and black ribbon flowers, as well as double heart cake topper, were provided by the bride. The big white fondant blooms were my creation.

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom! 

Surprised on Honeymoon Getaway!

I am not a big fan of coffee-even the smell of it makes me nauseous-and the caffeine gives me a headache… However, I do agree that coffee can enhance the flavor of chocolate (like in my chocolate brownies, etc)! You don’t really taste the coffee, just the enhanced chocolate! Yumm!

So, when I was asked to create a surprise basket for a bride and groom for their honeymoon getaway to Cooperstown, NY… and was told that there could be no dairy, I thought coffee would be the perfect substitute for milk in these chocolate cookies. It was a nice flavor and when I topped it off with a chocolate almond frosting, it was pretty tasty! What I had forgotten was that I normally use a decaf coffee whenever I make my chocolate brownies, etc…. I had one of these little cookies and MAN!… I was feeling loopy from the caffeine! Mind you, I don’t consume caffeine in any form (except for chocolate!). Plus the fact that I probably hadn’t eaten anything that day, prior to that cookie! Guess I know what to send my kids in their college care packages some day for those long nights of studying! lol.

I made some chocolate cake pops-some round dipped in an orange white chocolate and drizzled in red-orange white chocolate, and some maple leaf-shaped dipped in red-orange white chocolate. (Sorry, no individual photo was taken)

Next, I decided to chop up some apples…

Roll out some pie dough…

And make some apple pie pops! Yup, those are mini apple pies… on lollipop sticks! How cute is that?!!?

The end result was a nice basket of chocolate coffee cookies with chocolate almond frosting, chocolate cake pops (in both round and leaf shape), apple pie pops, tickets to the Wax Museum, and tickets to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. With a little help from our friends at Lake N Pines Motel, the newlyweds found this basket in their room when they arrived:


Congratulations to the happy couple!

Red, White, and Velvet!





This was a wedding cake for a couple who was no-nonsense when it came to planning their wedding. All the details were worked out way in advance. Hopefully this gave them plenty of time to enjoy their big day when it finally came, because they deserved it! With their wedding colors being black and white with red accents, they wanted to keep it simple and bring the red accents into the cake-literally!


Red Velvet Cake  filled with Cream Cheese Icing and frosted with a white Buttercream. Red gum paste roses and red buttercream piping.


An extra cake as a gift from the bride to the groom (as he LOVES cake!!).

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Miller!

Stephanie & Bryan’s Rehearsal Cake

Our friends were getting married and we couldn’t be happier for them! Aside from them being our friends, Stephanie was my daughter’s tap instructor and Bryan used to take care of  our lawn and get tipped in water and cupcakes! He loved when our lawn needed mowing!

I created this cake for their rehearsal dinner. I started with a vanilla cake and added fresh strawberries…

LOTS of strawberries!

Their colors were silver/grey and black, so I piped in a dark grey and put little black gum paste hearts on every corner.

I used black candy coated chocolate balls around the base of the cake. To hint at what was inside, I wanted to put some strawberries on top. In order to prevent the strawberries from weeping on top of the cake (the sugar in the frosting would make the juice start to run), I dipped the strawberries in chocolate and drizzled them with black chocolate.

I got many compliments on the cake the following day at the wedding and reception, so I’d say it was a big hit!


Congratulations to Bryan and Stephanie! We were honored to share in the celebrations of your special day!

A Wedding in Nature

I have always loved being outdoors. Growing up, I looked forward to camping with my family. I liked hiking and camping in the woods with my friends. Loved working at a summer camp-having campfires… and cooking over the open fire… and participating in the beautiful harmonious songs… and s’mores!!

Being in the woods and camping are awesome enough… but how about adding getting married at the base of a waterfall? That’s what one couple did this weekend. Here is the tree stump wedding cake I made for the happy campers:

4 thick alternating layers of vanilla and chocolate cake, coated with vanilla buttercream, covered in marshmallow fondant, topped with chocolate frosting ‘bark’, and decorated with random gum paste butterflies.

The end result was over 8 inches high!

Congratulations Michael + Michele!

Simple. Elegant. Bursting with Flavor.

This week’s bride and groom were such a pleasure to work with. Both of them were so laid back and relaxed, they knew what they wanted, and they were both very sweet to boot. They were having a smallish wedding but wanted to make sure they had plenty of cake for everyone, so they asked for 3 round tiers with buttercream frosting and simple piped-bead borders. The florist* was to provide the flowers for the cake, so not too much fussing with decoration was needed. The one big request they had, was for berries… and lots of them!

I don’t normally take pictures while assembling a cake; but with how gorgeous and inviting these berries were, how could I not?!!? The cake was very simple but elegant with three beautiful bunches of flowers… and then when the guests bit into the delicious, moist vanilla cake, they got a sudden BURST of berries! Ripe, juicy, mouth-watering strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries! What a taste of summer!


 Congratulations Gerry and Fred!

*Flowers by Mohican Flowers.

Floating Hearts Wedding Cake

Brides (and Grooms) have so many decisions to make that it can sometimes be overwhelming. One might even feel like they are loosing their mind… or maybe just loosing a purchase they made for the big day (or possibly even leaving said purchase in the store where you bought it… that’s hours away from home!). I remember making my own garter for my special day. It was hand sewn with lace and pearl beads and very pretty. However, when it came time to put it on, it was nowhere to be found! Sure, it was eventually found… in the bottom of the dress bag… but only when the dress was being hung back up at the end of the day! lol.

Decisions about cake can be just as difficult to make. In the end, everything looked great! Congratulations to Matt and Melissa-not only for getting married, but also for all the decisions, planning, and hard work that went into creating your very special day! I hope it was just that-very special!!

This cake was a labor of love for sure! 48+ hours=swollen hands and ankle and continuous back spasms… but I still love what I do! And I hope they did, too.

Congratulations Melissa and Matt!

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