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Unique Edible Valentines

We like to give edible valentines each year at school. This year, I was having trouble thinking of something easy (medical issues were making it tough to stand on my feet for too long without my heart rate getting out of control and completely fatiguing me). I was going through some scrap booking paper I had gotten probably over a decade ago and came across this cute paper with chocolate chips and cookies all over it. I had gotten it to do a page showing my daughter baking with me, but I obviously never followed through. Anyway, when I saw this paper, I instantly said “I’m ‘kookie’ for you!”, and our valentines were born! 

These chocolate chip cookies were so tiny! I used little baggies that were meant for cake/lollipops and fastened the paper to ‘seal’ off the bags with heart-shaped eyelets. A little cookie paper heart and some lettering and the Valentine’s were good to go! So adorable!


šŸ«Chocolate-Covered Chocolate Cookies with Chewy CaramelšŸ«

To celebrate the end of my daughter’s āš½ļø soccer āš½ļø season, I created these AMAZING chocolate-covered chocolate cookies with a chewy caramel layer. I stayed up entirely too late making them (due to the Chocolate mold only having 2 soccer balls on it!!). But, they are so totally worth it!! The melty, creamy milk chocolate, the not too soft but not hard and crunchy chocolate cookie, and the chewy delicious caramel… if it didn’t take so long to make each one,I think I would have made several dozen and froze them! 

First, I made some dark chocolate cookies. Flour, cocoa powder, sugar, baking soda, salt, egg, and oil-rolled out between 2 layers of waxed paper, to make cleaning up a snap!

I rolled them super thin, cut them, froze them on a lined cookie sheet until hard, baked them off, then trimmed them if needed. 

(If dried out and thrown in the food processor, they would make a nice cookie crumb crust for a cheesecake!)

While the cookies were baking, I rolled out some caramels and used the same cookie cutter to cut them into rounds. The ‘scraps’ that were cut off, that weren’t eaten!, were combined and rolled out to make more caramel discs. 

Also happening while the cookies were baking, the chocolate was being melted. This ceramic covered metal bowl fits perfectly into the top of my big pasta pot, without falling in! I just throw a little water in the pot, set the bowl in the top, and turn on the stove. The chocolate melts and I turn the heat down to the very lowest setting just to keep it warm and melty. 

Now comes the part that takes forever-the chocolate molds! I highly suggest that you have multiple molds if you want to try these. It will go much faster that way!! I used a baby spoon to place the melted chocolate and spread an even coat into the soccer ball molds. Then into the freezer to let it set up. Back out of the freezer to add the caramel and cookie discs. Coat the bottom with more chocolate to close it off and pop it back into the freezer to finish setting up. When they were set, I turned the chocolates out of the mold to reveal these soccer cookie/candies.

They are my current favorites! They are sort of like having a chocolate version of the Twix bar! Delicious!

(Sorry about the chipping nail polish-mine doesn’t last very long, even the gel kind! But, I’ve been painting it turquoise every few days this whole month of October for Dysautonomia/Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) awareness month!! #makesomenoiseforturquoise)

A better shot of non-chipping turquoise

My beautiful POTSie soccer player. She may have been winded from her POTS, but she still did her best and I’m super proud!

Great season, Team Nicoletta’s! Thank you, Coach C and Nicoletta’s Italian Cafe!

Golf Gathering

Teddy Trossett tees off as family and friends gather in support. Some cupcakes and cookies I made for the gathering. 

Chocolate Truffle-filled white chocolate golf balls on chocolate or vanilla cupcakes with piped buttercream grass. 

Cookie platters: Lemon Poppyseed, Coconut, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal, and Sugar. 

Baby Bump Cake

Before today, I had this silly notion. I told myself that I wouldn’t do one of those cakes-you know, the ones where the cake is part of a human body. I know, I’m strange. But it just didn’t seem right to me to be cutting a cake like that-like I was taking a slice of a person. Like faux cannibalism or something. Lol. Especially a baby bump cake.

However, there comes a time when every cakorator  is asked to make such a cake. I was asked to make a baby bump cake for today. I figured that I wasn’t going to be the one cutting into it-I wasn’t even going to be there. And I do so love making cakes, so why not? After all, I like to make the client happy. And seeing how much they loved it made me happy, too!  

After seeing their reaction, I would gladly make another human cake. They loved it! 

Congratulations to the momtobe!

Valentine’s Proposal Cake

As our news feeds light up with news of engagements this Valentine’s Weekend, I wanted to share the small part I took in planning one of these special proposals. Nate knew he wanted to propose to his love this weekend, and knew that he wanted to do it over dessert, but was also sure that he didn’t want her to bite into, or swallow, the ring. I combined two of her favorite desserts-red velvet cake and chocolate covered strawberries-to create this proposal dessert.


A moist red velvet cake with cream cheese icing on the inside and cream cheese and buttercream icing on the outside. Rimmed with chocolate covered strawberries and a chocolate box on top.


The chocolate box on the cake allowed for the ring to be hidden on the dessert without being consumed. The chocolate heart on the cover of the box says “Be Mine”. And a chocolate heart inside the box says “Forever”.


Congratulations, Tanya and Nate!




I was honored to make this very special 40th birthday cake forĀ my friend, Mike.Ā I had free creative license with this one; although it didn’t take me long to figure out what I was going to do. You see, this friend is a math teacher, with a young family… and also the singer in an 80s cover bandĀ (Flux Capacitor sings in full 80s dress-clothes, hair, eye-liner, and all)! I loveĀ singing and dancing along whenever they play; but I alsoĀ love math! I knew I wanted to incorporate both into this cake-especially after seeing this split picture of him:


So, here is what I came up with:



Vanilla cake with raspberry filling, vanilla buttercream, and fondant coated. The Super Pi symbol on top represents the mathematical side ofĀ Mike,Ā the little notebook papers around the base (that describe the many ways that Mike is super), represent the teacher side, the wave boarder represents the family man side (family vacations on the beach), and of course, the figure in front represents Mike’s rocker side.




Happy Birthday, Mike!


A Dozen Pies for the Native Sons

Peeling and slicing.


Tossing and spicing.


Dough rolling, filling, syruping, top crusting.



GetAttachment (2)

1 Dozen apple pies for the Native Sons’ birthday dinner.


Happy Birthday, American Legion


Cooperstown’s American Legion is celebrating their birthday today!


A nice corned beef and cabbage dinner was planned and I was asked to make their dessert. A half & half cake… that is half vanilla/half chocolate cake. This one has buttercream frosting and fondant decorations.

(The smiley face was completely unintentional and was not even noticeable until the picture was taken from this distance. Que Sera, Sera!)

Happy Birthday, American Legion! Thank you all for your service!

Lace Wedding Cake


I was happy to be able to make this cake for today’s beautiful wedding, and IĀ was honored to be able to stay and take photos throughout the day!Ā The setting was amazing-a luxury ranch just a few minutes from my home that I never even knew existed! The sun was shining and it was balmy (okay, maybe not balmy, but compared to the double-digit negative temps we have had lately, today felt like a heat wave!).


The snow-covered drive lead me to a big ranch overlooking the mountainside. Everything about this ranch was grand-from the fields and fencing, to the entrance, to the woodwork, to the heated floors, to the fireplaces, to the tub so big you could swim in it, to the glass floor overlooking the indoor pool, to the warm and friendly staff that hosted the event and put out such a great brunch for us all to feast on! (As if you couldn’t tell, I highly recommend the B & B Ranch!).

Ā IMG_0155

I got to sneak into the master suite as they were getting ready for the ceremony. The kids were learning to play chess, while the adults were primping and making sure everything was in order. And it was… so maybe there were a few things forgotten, but that wasn’t going to put a damper on such a great day.

AsĀ this friend from my childhoodĀ stood thereĀ exchanging vows with the love of her life, I saw such happiness, such love, and I couldn’t help but get choked up! It was absolutely beautiful. And the fact that they included their sons in the ceremony made it just that much more heartwarming. It may have been a very intimate wedding withĀ just aĀ few guests, but it was one of the most heart-felt and sincereĀ that I have been to in a long time.

Ā 1513266_10202353584514330_137248878_n

Congratulations to Aileen and Crystal!

*About the cake… I was asked to make two tiers-one vanilla with strawberry filling and one carrot with cream cheese filling and I was told that their colors were eggplant and dark orange. I frosted both tiers with buttercream and covered with marshmallow fondant. I piped the eggplant colored ‘lace’ on the fondant and topped it with some dark orange fondant roses. The design was left completely up to me-I had always wanted to pipe some lace, but I had no idea that the wedding dress would be lace, too!

Yankees Wedding Cake

This post should have happened back in July; but I wanted to save it for a landmark because it was a special cake for two special people.

On July 4th, 2013, my cousin married the man of her dreams, so of course I was honored to be able to make their wedding cake for them! They asked for a New YorkĀ Yankees cake! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Yyyyyankees caaaake!! What better way to celebrateĀ my 200th post than with this 4th of July Yankees wedding cake?!!?


Vanilla and chocolate tiers, covered in fondant and hand painted gum pasteĀ Yankees symbols. The top hat was done in Rice Krispies treat and covered in fondant. The little white dog with his own top hat represents the bride’s dog Gizmo, as he wasn’t able to be at the wedding, I had to make sure he was included in some way!

I also made some cream puffs at the request of the groom; but I never got a picture of them. The ‘house’ in the background of this photo was the card box. My mom made the card box as a miniature replica of the new home the bride and groom purchased. Attention to detail runs in the family!


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Berberick! May your love for each other grow with each passing day!

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