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Anna and Elsa Cake for Renni


Boston Terrier Birthday


I was honored to make this very special 40th birthday cake for my friend, Mike. I had free creative license with this one; although it didn’t take me long to figure out what I was going to do. You see, this friend is a math teacher, with a young family… and also the singer in an 80s cover band (Flux Capacitor sings in full 80s dress-clothes, hair, eye-liner, and all)! I love singing and dancing along whenever they play; but I also love math! I knew I wanted to incorporate both into this cake-especially after seeing this split picture of him:


So, here is what I came up with:



Vanilla cake with raspberry filling, vanilla buttercream, and fondant coated. The Super Pi symbol on top represents the mathematical side of Mike, the little notebook papers around the base (that describe the many ways that Mike is super), represent the teacher side, the wave boarder represents the family man side (family vacations on the beach), and of course, the figure in front represents Mike’s rocker side.




Happy Birthday, Mike!


SpongeBob Birthday Cake

I created this SpongeBob Birthday Cake for a little guy’s Birthday. His mom is a friend of mine from Elementary School. This was a fun cake to make and even had some Patrick-topped cupcakes to go with it.

"                               "

Happy Birthday, Peyton!

A Dozen Pies for the Native Sons

Peeling and slicing.


Tossing and spicing.


Dough rolling, filling, syruping, top crusting.



GetAttachment (2)

1 Dozen apple pies for the Native Sons’ birthday dinner.


Sail Away!

“Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me”

I made these cute sail boat cupcakes for a little guy’s 2nd birthday!


The blue camo cupcake wrappers worked perfectly with the frosting waves and gum paste sail boats.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Man!

Purple Ombre Ruffle Cake

For this cake, I was given one word…


So I ran with it!

Here’s the pretty purple cake I made for a friend’s 5oth birthday:

140523_0005 (1)

Happy Birthday, Sue! May your next 50+ years be just as good, if not better, than the first 50!


Happy Birthday, American Legion


Cooperstown’s American Legion is celebrating their birthday today!


A nice corned beef and cabbage dinner was planned and I was asked to make their dessert. A half & half cake… that is half vanilla/half chocolate cake. This one has buttercream frosting and fondant decorations.

(The smiley face was completely unintentional and was not even noticeable until the picture was taken from this distance. Que Sera, Sera!)

Happy Birthday, American Legion! Thank you all for your service!

Moster High Cake for Piper!

What does a little girl who is turning nine like? Well, in the case of Miss Piper, it’s Monsters High! She has all the Monsters High dolls and her mom ordered her a Monsters High cake for her slumber party. Gum paste was cut out and dried and then hand painted to go on top of the plaid cake.


And how ironic is it that I blew out my piping bag while piping the border for this Monster High cake for PIPER ? lol. I was trying to hold pressure on the piping bag with one hand to hold the frosting in, while squeezing it out with the other to pipe it onto the cake! I had quite the mess, but luckily it didn’t end up on the cake.

Looks like Piper really liked her cake!


(Photo courtesy of Piper’s mom)


Happy Birthday, Piper!

Hidden Surprise Chocolate Cupcakes!


So, what do you make your child for a last-minute-end-of-the-school-year-summer-birthday-celebration? I guess I should add that you don’t really have much for ingredients at this last minute. Well, what I created was so decadent and so darn delicious, that it just may be my new favorite!! I started with a chocolate cupcake, simply because it used the least amount of sugar! lol. However, it was still a great choice. I didn’t stop there, though. As delicious as the chocolate cupcakes were, I had to add a rich and creamy chocolate buttercream (with a few candy pearls). Sounds scrumptious, right? Well, I still turned it up a couple of notches! How, you ask? When the kids bit into their cupcakes today, they found my yummy chocolate chip cookie dough centers!!!



Happy Summer Birthday to my bright, beautiful, and funny little big girl!


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