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Baby Bump Cake

Before today, I had this silly notion. I told myself that I wouldn’t do one of those cakes-you know, the ones where the cake is part of a human body. I know, I’m strange. But it just didn’t seem right to me to be cutting a cake like that-like I was taking a slice of a person. Like faux cannibalism or something. Lol. Especially a baby bump cake.

However, there comes a time when every cakorator  is asked to make such a cake. I was asked to make a baby bump cake for today. I figured that I wasn’t going to be the one cutting into it-I wasn’t even going to be there. And I do so love making cakes, so why not? After all, I like to make the client happy. And seeing how much they loved it made me happy, too!  

After seeing their reaction, I would gladly make another human cake. They loved it! 

Congratulations to the momtobe!


Butterflies for Baby Talbot


Inspired by the textured butterflies on the invitation, this baby shower cake is full of texture!


Congratulations Jess & Mike! We can’t wait to meet Baby Girl Talbot!


Baby Reveal Party Cake

Baby Reveal parties are all the rage these days! I had heard of them-parents opening up boxes of either pink or blue balloons to show their guests which sex their baby would be. I had even heard of them cutting into a cake to reveal either pink or blue. However, I got a call one weekend to make a cake for a baby reveal party… with a twist! For this particular party, nobody (NOT EVEN THE PARENTS) would know the sex of their baby until they cut into their cake!!! How fun! I was so excited to be the only one (aside from the ultra sonographer) to know ahead of time! The parents-to-be went to their ultrasound appointment in the morning and then dropped off a sealed envelope! Once alone, I opened the envelope and read what was inside. I got right to work creating a vanilla cake with the proper coloring. Once baked off and cooled, I frosted it with a white buttercream and created a pond on top with some grass around it (the mom had given me some little rubber duckies to put on the pond). Then I piped on the wording they had asked for:


I sealed the envelope back up and mom came to pick up the cake when she was done with work that day. That evening, at their baby reveal party, everyone stood around the cake. The parents cut into it and put the first slice on a plate to reveal…


I was truly honored to be a part of this special event! I can’t wait for the next baby reveal party!! Maybe I’ll get to make some cake pops!

A Nod to Plaid

An expecting mom is having a boy… and she loves teddy bears!

I started this cake with a 12×12″ vanilla tier with very pale blue buttercream frosting and a 6″ heart-shaped banana tier with a chocolate hazelnut filling and the same pale blue buttercream frosting.

In designing this baby shower cake, I was inspired by all the plaid laundry I had just hung up/folded (so much plaid!). It reminded me of my camp days… only this plaid wasn’t flannel. I used my #3 and #42 tips to pipe this ‘plaid’ look in yellow, blue, and green and then piped a shell border in blue.

The Teddy bears were made out of my home-made tan fondant and then the details were hand painted in yellow, blue, green, black, and red.

Welcome Baby!

Delicate Flowers

A baby is such a delicate human being, so these flowers were perfect to celebrate the upcoming birth of such delicateness!

Simple. Elegant. Delicate.

Welcome Baby Trever!

Pink Converse Baby Shower Cake

When you have a bad back, a variety of shoes are a luxury that you tend to give up-especially when you are on your feet a lot. However, it doesn’t mean you lose your appreciation for them. I especially LOVE baby shoes!! My baby girls had everything from a pair of Yankees sneakers, to a pair of espadrilles, to a pair of flip-flops!! It was so much fun putting shoes on them to match their outfit every day!

With all those baby shoes in mind, I designed this cake for my friend’s baby shower. The tiny little shoes may have been made from sugar, but they kind of make you want a baby of your own… don’t they?

Little pink Chucks for the top!


A tiny little pair of flip-flops, a more traditional baby shoe…in pink, and a pair of pink slippers with cupcakes on the top!

Speaking of cupcakes, I also made these moist chocolate cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate frosting and fondant polka dots.

Congratulations Julie and Joe!!

And it’s…. TWINS!

Double the onesies… double the bibs!

A baby shower cake for TWINS!

Congratulations to the parents!

All Star in the Making!

There’s an All Star in the making! Although, he’s in the very early stages… so  early… that he hasn’t even been born yet! My nephew to be has a nursery that is adorned with sports. And so was the cake that I made for my sister’s baby shower…

Two tiers of banana cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, one tier of vanilla cake with vanilla frosting (minus the fondant… just for my mom), and one chocolate tier with peanut butter frosting! From the checkered blanket base to the chocolate basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, and baseballs… we’ve got a lot of sports covered here. The rice treat All Star championship cup cake topper cradles a soccer ball, football, baseball, basketball, and racing flag-all made of fondant.

I didn’t stop with the cake, though… I wanted to make some party favors for the shower guests. When I saw the onesie cookie cutter and pretzel chocolate molds, I just couldn’t resist!

Okay, so I may have over done it… a little; but who could resist? After all, it’s been 6 years since any of my sisters have been pregnant!! We are just so excited and can’t wait to meet the little man!!!

Baby Blanket

With Baby “M” on the way, Mom and Dad M were going to need a lot of baby items to help them take care of

their little one. Grandma “K” was throwing them a baby shower so their friends and family could surround them with baby items galore. She asked me to make a baby blanket… a cake baby blanket! In the end, Mom and Dad M were not only graced with baby shower gifts, but also blessed with a beautiful baby boy!

Baby Chalupa

This cake was done for a baby shower thrown for a woman by her co-workers. I was asked to put the unborn baby’s nickname on the cake… “Chalupa” ! This Taco Bell reference was made because that’s where the mother learned she had a baby on the way!

On the top of the cake, I made a onesie with matching bib, hat, and socks. On the sides, I made a clothesline that went all the way around the cake. Above the grass were tiny little baby clothes hung on the line… onesies, bibs, sweaters, pants, socks, shirts… all made out of fondant and taffy! I even made a sock “fall” on the grass, leaving the empty clothes pin on the line. These details took a lot of time, but it was a lot of fun, too! My best wishes to Baby Chalupa and his family!

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