Let Your Senses Rise

Part of the reason I enjoy baking is it wakes up all of the senses! Of course there is the most obvious, taste-it’s got to taste amazing. Then there is sight-if you don’t make it look good, who is going to even try it? The sense of smell is also quite normal to think about when you bake. Then there is touch-the feel of the different textures in your mouth-the chewy, crispy, crunchy, creamy… The last one, the one that most people wouldn’t think about, is sound-but the whirr of the mixer is often the first clue that something good is about to happen in the kitchen (and of course there is the “MMMMMMM” that you hear)!

This day in the kitchen, my senses started rising with the yeast! Both of the very different items I made this day began with yeast.


The smell of yeast as it bubbles… sniiiiiifffff, ahhhhh. Senses awaken.


And rise. The smell of onion bagels is great no matter where you are in the process.


How is this for touch? The purpose of the corn meal may be to prevent the dough from sticking, but it leaves such a great texture to English muffins.


Crisping up the outside of these muffins, my mouth was already watering thinking of the butter soaking into the nooks and crannies … or the egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches I would be enjoying. Aside from the whirr of the mixer, the crispy crust on the muffins against the hot pan were a welcome sound as well.


How are these for sight?


And I’m sure you can imagine how awesome they both tasted!


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