Fresh Apple Cider

I got the chance to join some friends in making fresh apple cider this weekend at the Pierstown Press Fest! The apple picking had already been done and the loot was bountiful! So, just a few simple steps, only one ingredient, and a few hours later, we had gallons upon gallons of delicious fresh apple cider!

1380342_10152336187104782_1461853703_n (2)

Step 1: Washing


Step 2: Chopping


Step 3: Pressing


Crank the press down…


And the cider starts flowing!


The apple pulp will feed the wildlife through the winter months.


Step 4: Bottling.

What a beautiful day it was-sun was shining, music playing, friends manning the stations and working together like a well-oiled machine! Not to mention the smoked pork tenderloin, sausage, and burgers on pretzel buns (I made these from scratch-stay tuned to a future post), with chicken riggies (I also made these-which I will post about later), potato salad, macaroni salad, grill-roasted veggies, and ‘apple pie’ to drink!


As the day drifted into night, we rounded out this perfect day with a fire. It was a small one, but suited it’s purpose just fine!


A mule ride (of the ATV sort, not the mammal type) up the hill to a star-lit sky and we huddled around to block the wind while the paper lanterns were lit.


It may have taken several tries, and a burned finger or two, but we had lift off!


We not only had our freshly made apple cider, but to commemorate the occasion, we were also given these great t-shirts!

What an awesome day we had at Pierstown Press Fest! Thank you to our hosts, B&B, and  to all our other friends that made the day what it was!


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