Easy Blueberry Ice Cream

The girls have been asking me to make them blueberry ice cream. And we all know that we have plenty of blueberries for it after the blueberry picking excursion we went on last month. Well, for one reason or another, making homemade blueberry ice cream seemed like a daunting task. Making ice cream is super easy; but I just haven’t felt up to it this summer. I felt great at the beginning of the summer and I had lots of energy and plans to keep the girls busy and happy all summer long. Somewhere along the way, I lost my steam. I fizzled out. I kept procrastinating the task of blueberry ice cream making. The girls kept asking when we could make blueberry ice cream. I decided to put an end to that procrastination tonight. Well, sort of. I cheated…. I am fizzled, after all. I took vanilla ice cream and scooped it into the food processor with some blueberries. after several rounds in the food processor, I spooned the blueberry ice cream into cones.

picture515 (2)


The girls loved their blueberry ice cream! And as it turns out, they didn’t care that it wasn’t completely homemade, either!


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