Blueberry Bliss

We were really bummed that our favorite serene little spot for you-pick blueberries wasn’t open to the public this year, we didn’t let that stop us from finding the next best thing. This was the view from the blueberry hill we picked from yesterday.


I had some ‘professional’ blueberry pickers to help me fill my buckets!



3 1/2 hours, and one sunburn later, the 4 of us had picked almost 28 pounds for my family and another 13 pounds for my mom! Don’t ask me how I was the only one that got sunburned… guess I was the ‘fairest’ one of all. lol. Anyway, we picked a whole lot of blueberries! I am still in the process of freezing them on trays and then transferring the frozen berries to bags to store in the freezer for future creations… but in the meantime, I pureed some blueberries to make something refreshing tonight!

While I am known for my baking, and I do have a lot of blueberry recipes to bake over the next year (here’s hoping my almost 28 pounds of fresh  blueberries will make it a whole year before we run out again!), tonight I made something pretty unusual for me!


A very refreshing BLUEBERRY MOJITO!! I mottled some mint with a little sugar, added my strained blueberry puree (I actually added some sugar to the blueberries when I pureed them, as they weren’t quite as sweet as last year’s haul… and I like things sweet!), put in some blueberry rum, added a good squirt of lime juice, and then poured it over ice and added some sprite (NOT club soda… because, like I said, I like things sweet!). I gave it a good stir and added some whole blueberries for garnish. YUM!


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