The Safety for Our Children is at Risk!

This post is not about food. It isn’t about my creations. It’s a personal matter-regarding the safety of my children, and the other children in this town.

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Some would think we live in a sleepy little town. However, we have a major medical center in this small town of ours. People come from all over the state to be seen here. There is one road that brings the majority of  traffic to and from this hospital… Beaver Street. There is often a non-stop flow of traffic down this road on any given day. Beaver Street has two busy intersections, but the main one is the intersection with Delaware. This intersection has become very dangerous, as drivers are so focused on getting to, or coming from, this medical center, that they don’t always stop at the stop sign. Many people just roll right through the stop-or even blow through it completely without even slowing down. This intersection becomes especially dangerous in the mornings when children are walking/biking to school and in the afternoons when they are walking/biking back home. Most children who walk/bike to school have to cross Beaver Street and do so at the Beaver Delaware intersection.


Upon walking home from school last Tuesday afternoon, my daughters and I approached the Beaver/Delaware intersection with some friends. We decided it was safe to cross, as all drivers had come to complete stops and appeared to be waiting for us. However, as we were in the crosswalk, a truck lunged into the intersection directly towards us. If the driver hadn’t heard my screams of terror, he would have struck my daughter (and probably myself as well)! At least 3 other children have had similar experiences in the past couple of weeks at that same intersection… In fact, that very same morning, a young boy on a bicycle was almost struck there! He was almost to the other side when a car turned and came so close to him that he had to jump off of his bike to avoid getting hit. The traffic at that intersection is really heavy, being the main thru way to the ever-growing hospital, and it has become very dangerous to cross the street there! This is not the same intersection it was 20 years ago! It is impossible for many kids to walk to school without crossing Beaver Street and most do this at the Beaver/Delaware intersection. Due to construction in town, we have a temporary crossing guard there  (in light of what happened last week), but we won’t have her there forever. She is only there during this particular phase of construction for Chestnut Street. Over the past few days, with her there, vehicles have actually stopped at this intersection, instead of rolling through, or just blowing the stop sign completely, because of this temporary crossing guard. However, within the next couple of weeks, we will no longer have this crossing guard we so desperately need! Please help join our efforts to bring awareness of this public safety issue, to those that have the authority to do something about it, and let our voices be heard! The only way to ensure the safety of our children is to have a permanent crossing guard at this dangerous intersection!
“LIKE” it,  and share that page to spread awareness! Let’s get them to give us a crossing guard before the next ‘close call’ becomes a fatal accident!!

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