Baby Reveal Party Cake

Baby Reveal parties are all the rage these days! I had heard of them-parents opening up boxes of either pink or blue balloons to show their guests which sex their baby would be. I had even heard of them cutting into a cake to reveal either pink or blue. However, I got a call one weekend to make a cake for a baby reveal party… with a twist! For this particular party, nobody (NOT EVEN THE PARENTS) would know the sex of their baby until they cut into their cake!!! How fun! I was so excited to be the only one (aside from the ultra sonographer) to know ahead of time! The parents-to-be went to their ultrasound appointment in the morning and then dropped off a sealed envelope! Once alone, I opened the envelope and read what was inside. I got right to work creating a vanilla cake with the proper coloring. Once baked off and cooled, I frosted it with a white buttercream and created a pond on top with some grass around it (the mom had given me some little rubber duckies to put on the pond). Then I piped on the wording they had asked for:


I sealed the envelope back up and mom came to pick up the cake when she was done with work that day. That evening, at their baby reveal party, everyone stood around the cake. The parents cut into it and put the first slice on a plate to reveal…


I was truly honored to be a part of this special event! I can’t wait for the next baby reveal party!! Maybe I’ll get to make some cake pops!


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