A Yummy Accident


After making some awesome mozzarella cheese, I decided to give it another go! My daughter’s snack week was coming up and I wanted to make her class some cheese. This time, I had to double the recipe in order to have enough to go around. So, I used twice the starting ingredients and then began to pour in the milk…. Oops! My cheese making pot was too small for a double batch! I didn’t want it to go to waste, though; so I continued on with my ‘double’ batch-just with a little less milk. The outcome was not what I had originally intended; however, I did end up with some pretty tasty cream cheese instead! I made my own cream cheese! There was no recipe to follow… just a yummy accident!


There was a ton of whey left over from the cheese making process but it was not wasted. I used the whey to make some bread to go with it.

The bread was really good, too. Although, had I thought about it a little more, I would have made bagels-onion bagels!

And then taken my home-grown chives and turned the cream cheese into chive cream cheese!


Chive cream cheese on an onion bagel? Yes please!! It was so good-the cream cheese was extra smooth, and creamy,… and melty. And the chives just added a whole other layer of flavor. My taste buds are dancing!

Thank goodness for yummy accidents!



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