Rainbow Swirl Cupcakes





My girls were invited to a joint birthday party for sisters and I was asked to make them some colorful cupcakes. That I did!


This photo was never meant to be mysterious looking. The haze that you see is because my camera was so cold…. and the party was an indoor pool party, so it was extremely hot in there. The difference in air and camera temperature made my lens fog up!

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with rainbow swirl buttercream; each topped with a Gummy Bear! The kids were whistled out of the pool to sing Happy Birthday to the duo and then the line for cupcakes wrapped around the top of the pool! Although they were all rainbow swirl, not one cupcake was like another. The kids were all so excited to choose their cupcake-such a big decision to make! The line went fast, though, and soon the rave reviews were splashing in!

In lieu of gifts, the invitation asked for a donation to the local food bank. There were stacks of food and a total monetary donation of over $700!!! That’s actually worth over $7,000 worth of food for our local food bank (for every dollar given, the food bank can actually purchase 10 dollars worth of food)! Great job, kids!

Happy Birthday, Meagan and Melissa!


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