Craving Comfort Foods


I seem to be posting a lot about comfort foods. I’m craving them lately. I started to think about why this could be. I know it’s colder now, and often raining, but there has to be more to it than wanting to warm myself up. Especially since I usually make these comfort foods for later consumption (for example, I make them during the day and we eat them for dinner at night).

Maybe these two have something to do with it…

Watching them this morning, as the oldest read to the youngest, something occurred to me: I miss them! I really do. While they are both off to school this year, no matter how busy my days can be, I miss them. It was such a sweet moment to watch them share a book and both get lost in the story. It’s moments like these that are too few and far between during school days. Sure, I get to spend time with them on the weekends… and on week nights between homework, showers, and dinner… but it’s never enough.

Today seems extra long and lonely without them here; so I look for comfort foods to make. Maybe some ‘mash-a-tatoes’ would be of comfort tonight for dinner… and they would surely please my little one! Until then,


I find comfort in a nice large cup of hot Lipton Mandarin Orange decaf tea. So relaxing. So warming. Why don’t I remember to make myself a cup of tea more often?


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