10 Awesome Things About Autumn

  1. Foliage  Seeing the pretty trees as they change colors, watching the warm hues swirl down like a light rain from the trees, and raking the crispy leaves up to jump in!
  2. Apple Picking  Which includes eating the apples, baking with the apples, dehydrating the apples, making applesauce, and juicing the apples!
  3. Corn Mazes  Wearing rain boots, running through the corn field, getting lost and found again, and finally making your way to the end… and back!
  4. Nature Hikes  Walking through the woods, listening to the rush of the water over the falls, watching the squirrels race around to gather their food for the winter, and seeing the joy on the faces of these sweet girls as they take it all in!
  5. Fleece and Hoodies  So warm and soft… need I say more?!!?
  6. Butternut Squash  Yet another one of my comfort foods….Roasted, Soup, Chili… no matter how you cook it up, it’s bound to warm you through!
  7. Pumpkins  Whether left as is for decoration, carved for decoration, baked in cookies and pies, roasted for soups or seeds, or even carving for use as a canoe!
  8.  Hay Rides  I know I have a picture or two of some hay rides, but for some reason, all I could find is one of my daughter behind the wheel of a giant tractor! Well, tractors can pull the wagons for a hay ride-right? lol
  9. Fall Festivals  Applefest, Pumpkinfest, Garlicfest… So much fun to be had!
  10. The Smells of Autumn  This photo happens to be my baking helper making some cookies, but baking cookies is only one smell of Autumn. There are pies, cakes, breads, and the like… as well as the crisp Fall air!


What are your favorite things about Fall?



  1. benleeirene Said:

    I love the rain. In Texas, we don’t get as much of the rich colors, but I love the weather we start to get in the autumn.

    • cakesbykat Said:

      We’ve been getting plenty of cool rain-and even a tiny shower of snow/hail already! It’s back to being warm this week, though (high 50’s to mid 60’s); so the weather is awesome for long walks-crunching through the beautiful leaves! Central NY (state) can have some crazy weather. It was beautiful on Friday and then we had that hail/snow while it was still completely sunny. I suppose the weather is changing all around the world, though…I remember trick-or-treating as a child… in the thick snow! Now there are years when the snow doesn’t ‘stick’ until December. My early March birthday used to be full of snow and now there are times when we can have a picnic for my birthday! If it wasn’t for pictures, our kids (and someday grandchildren) would never believe us! lol. Still love the Fall-regardless of what kind of weather NY decides to give us!

      • benleeirene Said:

        I hear you. It stays hotter in Texas longer and loner every year. It’s about 81 degrees right now, and that feels like fall. I used to live in Rochester, New York and loved it there in the fall. We used to go apple picking every year and then buy grape pies. Those are some of my favorite memories growing up. In fact, although it is really my husband who does all the cooking around here, I’m thinking about making a grape pie for the blog soon. Enjoy the fall!

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