Jake and the Neverland Pirates




Kind of looks like a cinnamon pie dough… right? Well, it’s not! This happens to be a sheet of gum paste that I had rolled out, crinkled, torn, and painted to look old and weathered. Ideally, I would have shaped it into a scroll and let it dry completely before placing it on the cake; but I lacked the time for that. But what was it for  you ask?

“Yo ho ho!” A Pirate Map, of course!

“Arrg, Matey” Jake and the Neverland Pirates Map… Complete with Gold Doubloons !

Now try to guess this one… What do you think THIS  is? I made it all by myself! lol. I took a cutting board, measured it all out for even spacing, and then drilled holes in it-being careful not to go all the way through. But what did I DO  with it, you ask?

Used it for my Pirate Cake Pops, of course!!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jake! I hope it was an adventure you’ll never forget!



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