Stephanie & Bryan’s Rehearsal Cake

Our friends were getting married and we couldn’t be happier for them! Aside from them being our friends, Stephanie was my daughter’s tap instructor and Bryan used to take care of  our lawn and get tipped in water and cupcakes! He loved when our lawn needed mowing!

I created this cake for their rehearsal dinner. I started with a vanilla cake and added fresh strawberries…

LOTS of strawberries!

Their colors were silver/grey and black, so I piped in a dark grey and put little black gum paste hearts on every corner.

I used black candy coated chocolate balls around the base of the cake. To hint at what was inside, I wanted to put some strawberries on top. In order to prevent the strawberries from weeping on top of the cake (the sugar in the frosting would make the juice start to run), I dipped the strawberries in chocolate and drizzled them with black chocolate.

I got many compliments on the cake the following day at the wedding and reception, so I’d say it was a big hit!


Congratulations to Bryan and Stephanie! We were honored to share in the celebrations of your special day!


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