More Blueberries!

We decided that 18 pounds of blueberries just wasn’t enough! We went back to TJ Berries the next day with my mom and nephew and picked another 18 pounds!

My nephew didn’t like blueberries… until he tried these!

He decided that he liked blueberries and wanted to pick enough for a pie. We had a good time picking… but he didn’t especially appreciate having his picture taken. lol.

I even found what I thought was an orange flower… good thing I didn’t touch it! It wasn’t a flower at all!

Just to show you a few of our blueberry concoctions… Aside from eating fresh blueberries, you could make blueberry muffins (sorry the warm blueberry muffins were gone before I could even get a picture of them!)… Oh yeah, the blueberry smoothies were gulped before I could snap a picture of them, too!

You could enjoy blueberry pie…

Or how about a vanilla custard or lemon curd tart… with blueberries?

Or you can dehydrate the berries and use them in salads and trail mixes!

Of course there are blueberry pancakes…

And you can even top them off with some warm blueberry compote!

These are just a few of the blueberry treats we’ve made thus far. We have plenty of frozen blueberries to make more muffins and smoothies and such throughout the year. We have found that blueberry picking is… well… addicting! You might have a full-to-the-top bucket, but if you pass by a blueberry bush and see a group of  nice, big, juicy blueberries, it’s hard not to stop and pick them! We’ve gone twice already and still can’t wait to go again!

We have company coming this weekend and hope to take them blueberry picking as well… If we do, maybe we’ll get enough berries to make some blueberry preserves this time!


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