Blueberry Picking!

I discovered a great place to pick blueberries! (TJ Berries in Maryland, NY)

The bushes are loaded with blueberries. Natural, pesticide-free, fresh blueberries.

The berries were beautiful-and I loved the look of the green and red ones mixed in with the blue.

I was told that even the red ones can be used to make a tart jelly that pairs well with such things as lamb, venison, and wild turkey!

My youngest thought blueberries were “scustin’ “… that is, until she tasted these fresh blueberries! She LOVES blueberries now-just don’t ask her to eat ones bought at a store (they are still “scustin’ “).

My oldest was quite a blueberry picker! Filled her  bucket a couple of times and didn’t get any that weren’t ripe (and very few stems, too).

Someone tried to ‘hide’ in the blueberry bush.

Just loved this shot.

The size of some of the blueberries was quite impressive!

18 pounds of blueberries!

My big girl was a big help in flash freezing, and then bagging, all the berries so that we could have them all through the year! I can almost taste all the ways we will use them! Regular berries, preserves, scones, muffins, pies, tarts, smoothies, ice cream, pancakes…. Endless possibilities!

What a delightful find! Inexpensive, fresh fruit… and a fun, family activity to boot!

Thanks to TJ Berries, who were more than accommodating!


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