Royal Graduation

After this Oneonta High School graduate was crowned at Homecoming, he has lovingly been referred to as the “King”!  So, his mom took that royal theme and ran with it for his graduation party. From the royal scrolled and crested invitations, to the royal cake balls and graduation cake, the royal theme was carried throughout the whole celebration!

16 dozen Cake Balls; because after all, something so rich and decadent can only be thought of as food for royalty! They had individual flags to announce each and every royal flavor (chocolate, vanilla, banana, peanut butter, and cookie dough). The yellow and stripes represent the Yellow Jackets (OHS’s mascot).

The photo used on the cake was the same crowned King photo from the royal invitation. The crest and scroll work  just made it that much more regal.  And the blue and gold were not only fit for a King, but they are also OHS’s school colors.

I hope Bryce and all his loyal subjects enjoyed the cake and cake balls, and the grand celebration, as much as his mother did planning it all!

Congratulations Bryce! Best of Luck at Brockport!


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