Morgan’s Princess Party

Leading up to her birthday, Morgan had lots of ideas of what her party should be like. She wanted it to have a princess theme, for everything to be pink and purple, and for everyone to come dressed like a princess! This was to be her first ‘real’ birthday party; as being born on July 2nd, we had always celebrated with family, cupcakes, and fireworks. [The village always holds their fireworks on a Saturday night-closest to the 4th of July, and her birthday has always fallen within a couple of days of the fireworks. Until this year, that is.] With all of our princess’ mighty expectations, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to live up to them!

Princess attire… check!

Finding pink and purple decorations and tableware wasn’t a problem. Check!

Neither was making pink and purple-swirled cupcakes with lavender frosting, pastel sprinkles, and little princess crown picks.  Check!

Even carrying out the princess theme in the games and activities wasn’t a problem…

‘Pin the Kiss on the Frog Prince’ (instead of ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’). Check!

And the craft was to decorate tiaras to wear. Check!

However, inviting a boy to such a girly party COULD have posed a problem.

Fortunately for us, the one boy who Morgan wanted to invite stepped up to the plate and took it like a man! He didn’t care that he was surrounded by girls, or pink and purple, or dresses and sparkles and bling (or at least he didn’t complain about it). Morgan said he could come as a prince… but I thought he might be more comfortable as Harry Potter (as his recent birthday party was Harry Potter-themed). The day of the party, “Harry” showed up in his cloak and Harry Potter glasses!

He made a crown instead of a tiara, he pinned the Harry Potter Glasses on the Frog prince instead of ‘kissing’ it, and he enjoyed some blue and white cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles and a Harry Potter pick instead of all that pink and purple!

The game was a really big hit and they went through several rounds of ‘kissing’ and pinning glasses on the frog before they were told it was time for the next activity.

Morgan giggled every time it was her turn to ‘kiss’ the frog prince!

She even got to go for a ride in her royal chariot!  That was a very small slope, but she shrieked the whole way down and giggled all the way up!

 Our princess thoroughly enjoyed her very first birthday party! From the smile on her face, I think it’s safe to say that her expectations were met!

To top it off, Mommy and Daddy gave Morgan her Very Own. Pink and Purple. Sparkly. Princess Bike!! Complete with a carriage for her dolly! Ahhh, the life of a princess is lovely!

Happy 5th Birthday to our Princess, Morgan!


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  1. Jeyna Grace Said:

    A garden party, nice!

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