Incredibly Messy and Totally Fun Craft

It doesn’t happen that often. I mean, I can probably count on one hand the times that I have become sick in my adult life… but it happened this weekend. It hit me-WHAM! Out of nowhere, it swooped in and knocked me off my game. I had horrid pains in my stomach. The only thing that took the stomach pain away was to sleep (well, okay, so technically it didn’t take the pain away, but I couldn’t feel it because I was sleeping). So, I tried to sleep as much as possible. And what happens when Mommy becomes under the weather? That means Daddy is in charge! And what does Daddy do with the girls when Mommy is sick? Under normal circumstances, he gets them out of the house so that Mommy can rest…. but not this weekend! I was so wiped out that I didn’t even hear the commotion that was going on just two rooms away (and I’m normally a light sleeper). When I finally woke up, and hobbled into the dining room, this is what I saw!

Paper Mache! With leftover wavy balloons from the recent birthday party!  This ended up being a two-day craft and I was feeling much better the second day. After they dried, the paper mached balloons were hung outside and sprayed with white paint. Then, we made “paint” out of equal parts flour and water and then divided it up into a silicone muffin pan and added food coloring! Totally edible-although, I wouldn’t recommend it!

The girls put on their aprons and used their hands to paint their paper mache projects. As with most paints, the more ‘paint’ they used, the better coverage they got.

We have a very care-free, abstract artist (tongue chewing need not apply)…

and a very serious and focused artist (Tongue chewing an absolute must!).

Both artists had lots of fun! I have to hand it to Daddy, he did a great job keeping them busy for two days! It was incredibly messy, but cleaned up easily. After the paint dried completely, Daddy sprayed with a clear acrylic paint. I’m still waiting to see the final product (they were supposed to be bird houses, but the girls didn’t want to use regular round balloons! lol)… but even if they are just decorations, it was a great time for the kids and some restful sleep for Mommy! So totally worth it on both accounts!

Thank you, Daddy!

To my readers: Leave me a comment on this question…What kinds of interesting or fun things have happened while YOU were sleeping?


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