Keep-Your-Neck-Cool Up Do

I have almost always had long hair, but I can’t stand to have my hair down on my neck when it’s hot. Most people will throw their hair up in a pony tail… But, have you ever left the house and forgotten a pony tail holder? A lot of people will wear them on their wrists so that they will never be forgotten; but not me! We weren’t allowed to wear anything elastic around our wrists when we were growing up (due to my older sister, and her puffy purple hand, needing a rubber band cut off her wrist in the ER when she was little!). To this day, I STILL don’t wear anything elastic around my wrist-and my girls aren’t allowed to, either. So, what did I do on a hot day when I left the house without a pony tail holder? I used a pencil… or a paintbrush… or whatever else I had on hand. [Usually pencils are pretty easy to come by, but I was a craft director at Pathfinder ( ) so paintbrushes were plentiful, too].  Today, I was reminded of those days in high school, camp, and college when I just needed my hair off my neck and didn’t have an elastic band ready and available.

So, I pulled my hair back, twisted it, twirled it around itself, and wove a pencil in one side and out the other (being sure to grab the base hair on each side). My hair stayed up off my neck all day long-no elastic bands needed!


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