Fresh Pineapple Frothy

How are you beating the heat this summer? As my girls played in the water table today, I fixed them some fresh pineapple frothies!

Fresh Pineapple Frothies technically only need one ingredient: A whole pineapple-cored and chunked

(Cut the top and bottom off of the pineapple so that it sits flat on the cutting board. Cut the edges off as seen above.)

(Removing the core of the pineapple can be done pretty easily by cutting down the side of the core…and repeating 3 more times until the square ‘core’ can be discarded)

(With the inedible parts discarded, cut the rest of the pineapple into chunks.)

If you have time to spare, you could freeze pineapple chunks ahead of time; but fruit tends to lose some flavor when freezing… so if you are not making the frothies within the next day or two, you’d be better off with option #2. Option #2: Pour some pineapple juice into ice-cube trays and freeze to use when making the pineapple frothies. This will definitely give you the most flavor.

However, if you don’t have pineapple juice… or just don’t feel like waiting for the pineapple/juice to freeze…

You can just used regular ice. Regular ice will decrease the flavor profile, so you may want to add some pineapple extract to boost it back up.

Regardless of what kind of ice (frozen fruit, juice, or water) you use, pop 2 cups of it in the blender with any of the remaining fresh pineapple chunks and use the “ice drink” button.

In the end, you will have a very cool and refreshing pineapple frothy that gives these cute pineapple mustaches!

So the next time your kids are playing in the heat, make them some fresh pineapple frothies!


Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you beat the heat!



  1. chefconnie Said:

    most delish! I will make this for my kids today.
    You can also freeze the pineapple and just forgo the ice for a more intense flavor.

  2. Ash Said:

    I’ve always loved pine-apple. Once again thankyou for such a wonderful recipe!! 🙂

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