Paisley-fied Graduation Cake

This graduation cake was not your traditional sheet cake with the school colors and buttercream roses. Instead of the regular school colors (orange and black), I used the graduate’s favorite colors: coral and a light aqua. When I created these colors, I thought of paisley (don’t ask me why-I don’t know how my mind works or why it works the way it does… it just happens and I run with it!). I made two half sheet cakes (one chocolate and one vanilla) and put them side by side on my brand new, home-made, 22″ x 28″ cake board (Thank you to carpenter Glen Falk for my beautiful new cake board!!). I also made a 9″ x 13″ cake that I placed on top. I piped triple shell borders around the bottom of each tier and then Paisley-fied (piped buttercream paisley patterns on) each of the 8 corners with the coral and aqua and then added the family’s message in the center. Here’s the final paisley-fied cake!:

Congratulations Lydia! Good luck at Fredonia! 


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