Floating Hearts Wedding Cake

Brides (and Grooms) have so many decisions to make that it can sometimes be overwhelming. One might even feel like they are loosing their mind… or maybe just loosing a purchase they made for the big day (or possibly even leaving said purchase in the store where you bought it… that’s hours away from home!). I remember making my own garter for my special day. It was hand sewn with lace and pearl beads and very pretty. However, when it came time to put it on, it was nowhere to be found! Sure, it was eventually found… in the bottom of the dress bag… but only when the dress was being hung back up at the end of the day! lol.

Decisions about cake can be just as difficult to make. In the end, everything looked great! Congratulations to Matt and Melissa-not only for getting married, but also for all the decisions, planning, and hard work that went into creating your very special day! I hope it was just that-very special!!

This cake was a labor of love for sure! 48+ hours=swollen hands and ankle and continuous back spasms… but I still love what I do! And I hope they did, too.

Congratulations Melissa and Matt!


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