Once Upon A Mattress “Cake”

“Once Upon A Mattress”? What kind of musical is this-that a high school is performing it for all of their community to see… both young and old alike? At least that’s what I thought before I realized what the story was actually about! lol. It’s the innocent story of the Princess and the Pea. This cute, and very funny, story couldn’t be more appropriate for a high school musical. And Miss Daelton Lamb was a perfect pick for the female lead. As I have said before, her voice is AMAZING!!

Here’s the weary, sleep-deprived princess sitting upon her many mattresses with her colorful blanket and matching pillow.

The mattresses were each made out of large rice cereal treats and covered with a thin layer of frosting before they were wrapped in fondant. After they were all stacked up, I used edible markers to draw the patterns onto the fondant.

Congratulations to Richfield Ā Springs High School’s cast and crew from “Once Upon A Mattress” for a job well done!


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