Mccoy’s 1st Birthday!

A minor, (well, okay-a very MAJOR) family medical emergency took place in March. (No worries though, our “MACHINE” is becoming healthier than ever!) The emergency took us by surprise though, so we had to postpone our family trip to NC to visit my nephew for his birthday. However, that didn’t stop my sister and her husband from bringing the little man up here!  Which meant we were still able to celebrate my nephew’s 1st birthday with him!! Yay, I love that little guy!

He’s so stinkin’ adorable!! And such a lovey!!

I made Mccoy a small ‘smash cake’ because every baby needs a ton of pictures of themselves with cake all over their faces when they turn 1! I was sure to make it a basic white cake with vanilla frosting; and to add a little decoration, I put 3 baseball-themed white chocolate candy pops on top.

At first, he wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. He kind of touched one of the pops and then eventually tasted it.

I think it’s safe to say that he liked it.

He even decorated his hair with it.

After some coaching, he started to get his hands dirty.

But he quickly tried to clean them off.

I did say he “tried”!

After he was cleaned up for real, he opened some presents. It didn’t take long for him to realize that what was inside the paper was usually more exciting!


On his road to recovery and good health, “The MACHINE” has been such an inspiration to me. I find myself eating better and exercising more. So, for the adults and big kids at this birthday party, I really wanted to do a healthier dessert. I did a lot of research on low-fat, low sodium, heart-healthy, etc… desserts; but they all turned my stomach. Then I remembered that Angel Food Cake was a pretty healthy dessert; and it just so happens that I have a really good recipe for Angel Food Cake. But with a cake, you can choose what size piece to cut; so I wanted to make individual portions that would cut out the need for greed! Then I got a thought… ‘Could Angel Food Cake be made in cupcake wrappers?’ I wasn’t sure, but I was certainly going to try it out!

Of course it had to be the right type of wrappers… I LOVE these wrappers from Reynolds: because they have such pretty designs and colors on the outside… but they stay BRIGHT! That’s right, they keep their color and their design… because they are foil on the inside!! How ingenious is that?!!? I just wished the local grocery stores would wise up and carry more of a variety because I would use these each and every time! The cupcakes stay moist, they don’t stick to the papers (because it’s foil!), and they remain pretty! If you haven’t tried them, you need to!

Of course I chose these cute monkey wrappers!

I scooped my light and airy batter into the monkey wrappers and baked them off. Would they keep their  light and fluffy texture? Would they come out of the wrappers without sticking?

Yes, and Yes! Of course they did! However, I was too busy taking pictures of the birthday boy that I neglected to take any pictures of the final product! He’s way more important, after all! At the party,  I took a cupcake out of its wrapper and sliced it in half horizontally. Then I layered it with strawberries and Reddi Whip! For me, the Reddi Whip came first-because I HATE soggy cake!; but for others, the strawberries came first. To each his own, I suppose! lol.


All in all, I think it was a pretty good birthday gathering for all of us!

(I know, I know… I already used this photo… but it’s my FAVORITE!)

Happy 1st Birthday, Mccoy!!

****Just a little side note to anyone who may be on Weight Watchers, these cupcakes are only 1.33 points a piece!  That’s reason enough to celebrate!

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