50th Birthday Celebration!

My inspiration fabric. Notice the colors, the swirls, the dots, the butterflies… I can picture the birthday gal wearing a skirt made from this fabric! Good choice from the party planners!

The bird’s-eye… er, I mean butterfly’s-eye… view of the cake. First, I covered the frosted cake with my home-made chocolate fondant. Then, I used Bakerella’s plastic spoon technique to make the butterfly: http://www.bakerella.com/butterfly-cupcakes-and-some-fun-news/ She has some great ideas-you should check out her website! I used White chocolate and chocolate to make the wings, Tootsie Roll to make the body and antennae, and fondant to make the flowers.

I wrapped some green fondant around the bottom and some turquoise fondant around the top and some piping in chocolate frosting to mimic the brown dots and swirls of the fabric.

Of course there were cupcakes to go along with the cake: some chocolate with vanilla buttercream, some chocolate with chocolate buttercream, some vanilla with vanilla buttercream, some vanilla with chocolate buttercream, and I even threw in some orange with margarita buttercream!… but they were just topped with a simple double flower, so I didn’t feel the need to take cupcake pictures.

I heard the cupcakes were a big hit and I hope the birthday gal enjoyed them as much as her guests did!

Happy 50th Birthday, Robin!


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