Can Great Grandma Brown’s Doughnuts Be Baked?

I set out this afternoon to answer the question: Can Great Grandma Brown’s doughnuts be baked (instead of deep-fried)?

I grew up with my mom making my Great Grandma Brown’s doughnuts. They were fried and then tossed in cinnamon and sugar and were one of the best morning treats ever! Oh who am I kidding, we used to sneak them any time of the day! Our cinnamon and sugar covered faces were tell-tale signs. It was easy enough for us to lick our fingers, or even wash our hands, to get rid of the evidence; but somehow we always forgot to wash the cinnamon and sugar off of our faces! Oh how we loved us some giant Tupperware tubs full of these doughnuts!

To answer today’s question. I started them all out the same. The same ingredients. The same dough. The same cutters…

Then I baked some. They were dunked in melted butter and shaken in cinnamon and sugar. They didn’t look too different (just a little flatter).

They didn’t taste too different, either.

But then I fried some just as the recipe called for.

Then came another taste test-after a quick toss in the cinnamon and sugar.

And the verdict is…

They have to be fried!!! Even the doughnut holes! It wasn’t about the taste, because as I said-they were pretty much the same. It wasn’t about the look, because there was only a slight flatness to the baked ones. It all came down to the texture! As a very “texture-oriented eater”, texture can make or break a recipe for me. In this case, the baked, semi-crumbly, doughnuts didn’t live up to the soft,  semi-chewy goodness that the fried ones delivered.

So, I answered the question I set out to answer today: Can Great Grandma Brown’s doughnuts be baked (instead of deep-fried)?, with a resounding NO WAY!

Love and miss you BUM! Please thank your mom for this treasured recipe!



  1. chefconnie Said:

    Ha Ha…sometimes things just need to be fried. Great post.

  2. Nicole Said:

    There is nothing like homemade doughnuts!

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