Navy Blue Frosting

I’ve noticed that someone out there is searching for a ‘how to’ on making Navy Blue frosting, so here you go! You can technically make it out of vanilla frosting and add some blue gel* coloring (such as Wilton’s Royal Blue) until it’s as dark as it will get, then add small amounts of black until you get just the right color. *A liquid food coloring that you would get from your regular grocery store won’t get the frosting as dark as you will need it and it will also change the consistency too much (it will become soupy). However, this method takes a lot of coloring in order to get a nice Navy color, and the more coloring you add, the more the taste of the frosting changes (it will become bitter if too much gel coloring is added).

Another way you can make darker frosting (such as Navy Blue, deep Purple, Black, Red…) is to start with a chocolate frosting. You will need less gel coloring to get the same pop of color, without altering the flavor too much.

Either way, it’s best to start making the frosting well in advance because it will get darker with time. So, you should let it sit for an hour after each addition of color. That way, you won’t be adding too much and turning it black!

Good luck!


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