She’s a Barbie Girl in a Sugar World…

My beautiful daughter was turning 7 and she wanted a Barbie cake! When she came downstairs the morning of her party, this is what she saw:

She absolutely loved it! And her younger sister was already requesting a Barbie cake for her birthday next year!! lol.

They really liked her dress-from the pretty shades of teal to the textured white front panel to the big teal bow in the back. I even made her some matching earrings!

And look at the detail on the back of the dress! My girls were very impressed and couldn’t wait to cut into it… but first came the party!

They each got to decorate several cupcakes!

There were all kinds of icings, sprinkles, colored sugars, and other toppings to choose from!

Of course there was games… and the girls painted frames to put their photo opp pictures in!

They even made their own ice cream!

We saved the cake for the next day because we felt the cupcakes and ice cream had enough sugar in them for one day! Maya was very happy to cut into her peanut butter and jelly Barbie cake!

We even had fun with pictures after everyone had their fill.

What a successful Barbie party she had!

And what a strong, fun personality is growing in my little girl!

Happy Birthday, Maya!

I hope it was everything you had wished it would be!


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