Noah’s Arc Cupcakes for Macon!

When I heard the theme for Macon’s baptismal was Noah’s Arc, I knew it was going to be cute!  And I just couldn’t help singing a tune I learned long ago…

“The Lord said to Noah, ‘There’s gonna be a flood-ie, flood-ie”

“Get those animals… out of the mud-die, mud-die”

The Arc was on a hilltop with water all ’round

“So, Noah… he built them, he built them an arc-ie, arc-ie”

 and then…

“The animals, they came in, they came in by two-sies, two-sies”


Aren’t they the cutest monkeys ever?

“Elephants and… kanga-roosies, roosies”


“The sun… came out… and dried up the landy, landy”

Everything was… fine and dandy, dandy”

Now, I know some of you are singing right along with me! That’s okay, it’s a catchy tune! And for a particular counselor, who shall remain nameless… so as not to bring up memories to her campers and fellow counselors of being awakened at 5:30 in the morning to this tune being belted…

“Rise and shine, and give God your glory, glory!”

Macon, I hope you enjoyed your cupcakes as much as I enjoyed making them! God Bless You, Sweet Boy!


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