A Ruby Anniversary

Back in 1988, a notice was sent around my school-stating that an after-school art class was to be offered. The art teacher told us that she had quite expected to get some high school students… but instead, she got a bunch of 6th graders. She decided to give it a shot anyway, and I’m glad she did. For it was then, that I first became interested in, and learned, the art of Calligraphy! I have addressed many wedding invitations, place cards, etc. in my many years of practicing calligraphy!

But who wouldda thunk that some 20+ years after that class, I would be making a cake for her 40th wedding Anniversary?!!? I guess coming from a small school has more advantages than we ever knew! Their loving son, and daughter-in-law, wanted me to re-create the couple’s wedding cake for this special occasion-this being their Ruby Anniversary.

Originally, they had 2 cakes-a small 3-tiered cake and an open book cake. I couldn’t see a lot of detail from the cake photo, but the other photo showed the bride had daisies in her hair and in her bouquet; which I knew I wanted to incorporate into my design. Their son gave me some scripture and a photo to put on (or “in” as we say about books) the open book cake.

And of course, what is a Ruby Anniversary without the ruby! Humidity gave me a hard time, but I did what I could to work against its effects! Here is the final outcome:

And here is the cute 3-tiered cake that I made to go along with it:

Happy 40th Anniversary, Art and Jeanette!

(Had I not been typing this on a computer, I would have written it in calligraphy!)



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