Jameson Irish Whiskey Cake

Jim was turning 50 and his wife was surprising him with a big party… so a cake was ordered. He likes Jameson Irish Whiskey, Arturo Fuente Opus X cigars, golfing, and playing cards. Hmmmm… are you wondering how I combined them all? ….Then check this out!

And now to show you some details!

75 chocolate cupcakes-each with piped “grass” icing and a white chocolate vanilla buttercream golf ball!

Side by side comparison with the real bottle. Jameson Irish Whiskey has a pretty strong smell, but the one I made smelled nothing but sweet!  I made it from Rice Krispies Treat, frosted it, covered it with fondant, and hand painted the label.

Chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream frosting and fondant/gum paste cards and cigar. But it wasn’t just any cigar… it was a hand-painted, sugar version of an Arturo Fuente Opus X!

For some reason I’m always nervous on delivery day… wondering if the recipient is going to like what I’ve created for them. However, the day I delivered this one, I was just worried about driving the 4 1/2 miles up and down the steep hills from Fly Creek and over the deep potholes of Cooperstown. All with this heavy, tall bottle of Jameson towering above the cake! I conquered the obstacles along the way-with the cake in tact and bottle still standing! Now THAT was almost as hard as making it!

Happy Birthday, Jim!


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