All Star in the Making!

There’s an All Star in the making! Although, he’s in the very early stages… so  early… that he hasn’t even been born yet! My nephew to be has a nursery that is adorned with sports. And so was the cake that I made for my sister’s baby shower…

Two tiers of banana cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, one tier of vanilla cake with vanilla frosting (minus the fondant… just for my mom), and one chocolate tier with peanut butter frosting! From the checkered blanket base to the chocolate basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, and baseballs… we’ve got a lot of sports covered here. The rice treat All Star championship cup cake topper cradles a soccer ball, football, baseball, basketball, and racing flag-all made of fondant.

I didn’t stop with the cake, though… I wanted to make some party favors for the shower guests. When I saw the onesie cookie cutter and pretzel chocolate molds, I just couldn’t resist!

Okay, so I may have over done it… a little; but who could resist? After all, it’s been 6 years since any of my sisters have been pregnant!! We are just so excited and can’t wait to meet the little man!!!


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