Thoroughly Modern Millie!

Richfield Springs Central School put on a production of Thoroughly Modern Millie this year. My girl Daeltun Lamb rocked the house in her lead role as Millie Dillmount. What a fun show! This is the cake I made for their raffle.

For those of you who don’t know the story behind this musical… Millie comes from a small rural town to New York City. She finds a place to stay, at the Priscilla Hotel, and looks for a job as a stenographer. Her plan is to woo her boss into marriage so that she will be taken care of financially. Her plan starts to go awry when she accidentally falls in love with a ‘paperclip salesman’. While the two of them are falling in love, the woman running the Priscilla hotel is actually running a white slavery ring. Any orphans taking shelter at the hotel were being whisked away to China for a pretty penny. Millie and friends end up uncovering the slavery ring and Millie discovers that she has some friends in high places.

I made some paperclips to represent Jimmy Smith…

The Priscilla Hotel represented Mrs. Meers and her orphan girls, that she sold into slavery with the help of her henchmen (Ching Ho and Bun Foo).

The fireworks factory is where Mrs. Meers had her orphan girls tied up until she could ship them to China.

Sincere Trust was where Millie worked for Mr. Trevor Graydon as a speed tappist. Yes, I meant to say ‘tappist’! The girls all wore tap shoes and as they were ‘typing’, their feet were tapping away. It was really cute choreography.

The burning cigarette in the long cigarette holder (with ashes down below) was to mimic the one that Millie throws into the window of the fireworks factory… which set off a bunch of fireworks and made enough of a diversion for them to go in and untie the girls being hid there. And the long string of pearls was just something I pulled from the roaring twenties! Both the cigarette in the holder and the strand of pearls were sugar (with a wire base for the parts of the necklace that “fell” away from the cake).

And of course there was Millie! I put her in a red flapper dress (even though flapper dresses didn’t actually come into play until about 1926-1928) because most of the playbills, for other productions of Thoroughly Modern Millie, displayed Millie, with her modernly bobbed hair, in a red flapper dress.

It was such a fun cake to make; which could only be matched by the fun everyone had watching the production that these kids put on! Great job to all! Can’t wait for next year!!!


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  1. Bonnie Sheldon Said:

    interested in having a cake made…?

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