Otoscope and Cake?

Otoscope and cake? Yup, they can be combined… and quite successfully, if I do say so myself! lol. My friend works in a school-based health center and a co-worker of hers had been out on maternity leave. For her return, my friend wanted to surprise her with one of my cakes! When ordering it, she mentioned “Maybe a stethoscope and some band aids?” No problem! “… and maybe an otoscope?” A what, you ask? Yup, an otoscope! It’s that little tool that has a light and magnifying glass built in-they shine it in your ears and can see better. She wanted the cake to have purple, since that’s the school color where they work.

So…, you ask, did I give them a purple cake with an otoscope? I figured I would have a little fun with it and maybe take them back to their high school days! The days of grape Bubble Yum! So, not only did I give them a purple cake with an otoscope, but I gave them a grape flavored fondant and filling! I made a stethoscope, a digital thermometer, some gauze and band aids, … and of course an otoscope!

The ladies in the office all loved the cake. Yay for otoscopes (don’t worry, this one was not used in any ears!! lol) and yay for grape fondant!


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