Beach Ball Blast!

The Schuermann Girls had a Beach Ball Blast to celebrate Meagan and Melissa’s birthdays this year! And what a BLAST it was!! All the kids had so much fun swimming and batting the beach balls around the pool (and by “All the kids”… I mean even the big ones… MR. Schuermann! lol.)

I made the kids some cupcakes with fondant beach balls on top…

…but for M&M, I decided to give them a little extra! I made them each miniature 3 tiered cakes with turquoise waves and shells for borders and pink flowers. To top them off, they each got a big round beach ball… and a miniature version of themselves!!

Melissa was jumping on top of her cake in her Roxy suit (the same one she was wearing in the photo on the invitation)

and Meagan was standing upside down (as she was on the invite) with her top two teeth missing (she just recently lost both)!

The girls had fun licking the beach balls like lollipops and Melissa even ate a good chunk out of Mini Melissa! I’d say they were a big hit!

Happy Birthday Meagan and Melissa!

 Hope you had a splashing good time!!


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