Light Up My Life!

A lot of folks dread having their in-laws visit them… but… when we hear my mother-in-law is coming, let’s just say the kids aren’t the only ones that get excited! She does the normal grandmother thing and spoils the kids… and us (she’s very generous and caring-always putting others first)… but she also has this light about her that can brighten your day. She is always calm and collected and helps keep you relaxed and grounded. So it goes without saying, that I love having my mother-in-law visit (and my step-father-in-law, of course; who is also a very generous and caring person-always looking out for us ‘kids’ and grandkids)!

For their last visit, they were due to arrive on their anniversary. We were happy to be sharing their anniversary with them and I wanted to make a special dinner and dessert to celebrate the happy couple! For dinner, I made my 3 cheese ravioli (which always bring lots of “Mmmm!”s). I made a moist chocolate cake for dessert, but wasn’t sure how to decorate it. They have been collecting light houses for quite some time…  and their wedding was in Bar Harbor, Maine…. So, my husband asked “What about a lighthouse?” 

I iced the yummy cake in vanilla frosting, and then wrapped it with a sky blue fondant. I layered on variegated aqua and blue waves and included a 2D lighthouse and sail boat. We were able to keep the cake a surprise until it was time for dessert (not such an easy task with two very anxious little girls around!!)… and I’m pretty sure they liked their surprise!

Happy Anniversary Mommom and Poppop! We love you!


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