Coors Light Anyone?

The recipient of this “cake” enjoys a nice cold Coors Light from time to time. His girlfriend sent me a picture and asked me to make him a Coors Light can for his birthday. She was making cupcakes, so she didn’t really need any cake; she just asked for a giant rice krispies treat.

Giant it was! This can of rice krispies treats stood over a foot high and was about 6 inches wide!! I frosted the giant treat, covered it with grey fondant, sprayed it with Duff Goldman’s graffiti spray, dusted it with silver lustre dust, and then hand-painted the details! I don’t think of myself as a painter; but I guess it came out pretty good. I even fashioned the top with a vented wide mouth.

The one specific request (aside from it saying “Coors Light” on the can) was that it had a smart aleck comment about how he was always going to be older than his girlfriend. On the side of the can, I wrote: “GOVERNMENT WARNING: ACCORDING TO THE SURGEON GENERAL, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE OLDER THAN ALISON.”

I can only imagine that it was one FUN birthday party!!


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