Boiled Icing

The request for this cake came from my neighbor, who wanted a birthday cake for his father. He said his dad liked vanilla and that he hadn’t had boiled icing in a long time. Well, I don’t quite remember the last time I made a boiled icing… maybe in college? Regardless, it was quite a few years ago and I couldn’t find the recipe that I had used back then. I referred to a very old book I have, and what do you know-they had a recipe for boiled icing. Of course, the results weren’t the same as I remember from my other recipe. The one I remember was light, white, glossy, and spreadable. This recipe, although boiled, came out more like a caramelized marshmallow. Instead of spreading, I had to use damp hands to mold the icing to the cake! Piping the borders was hard work, too; since the marshmallowy icing was so thick. In the end, it looked okay and the customer and birthday boy were happy with it; but I’m going to look for a different recipe for the next ‘boiled icing’ cake!

Happy Birthday, Jerry!


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