B for Bonsai

When I was in 2nd Grade, I had the most wonderful art teacher! Her name was Mrs. Yanchinsin-“Mrs. Y” for short. She taught me how to draw in 3-D and really fueled my love of art. Instead of participating in Family Game Night, I sat quietly and drew pictures. I drew all through high school and college… Even during class! Sorry guys, it wasn’t because I was bored-I just needed to keep my hands busy while I was listening to you!! My medium for my artwork has changed through the years; but my love of art has never dwindled and I thank Mrs. Y for that. My early introduction to art has helped me grow and develop throughout life.

Recently, I “met” Mrs. Y’s daughter and told her how I loved having her mother as a teacher. She looked through my current artwork-my cakes-and thought that with her father-in-law’s birthday coming up, she’d have me make him a cake.

“Mr. B” likes Bonsai Trees, so his daughter-in-law asked me to make him a Bonsai Tree cake for his birthday. I drew my inspiration from the bonsai tree that my neighbor had gotten for his daughter. I off-set the tiers and made sure the top-tier was tilted back so that the focus remained on the trees (and so that they had enough room to fit on the cake!). I was told “no fondant”, so I wasn’t sure how the trees would come out. However, a brilliant suggestion was made to use Tootsie rolls… so the trunks and branches were shaped from Tootsie rolls and the leaves were piped icing leaves. Crushed Oreos were used for the dirt.

I can only hope that Harold and his family enjoyed eating the cake as much as I did making it. I also hope that “Mrs. Y” approved of my artwork-she was, after all, my favorite art teacher! 

Happy Birthday Mr. B!


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